Decentralized Exchange with Low Fees other than Uniswap

I’m here to talk about other exchanges, not Uniswap. I don’t know much but what I do know is that the gas fees can be reduced with layer two solutions and the 1inch coin has an effect with it’s Chi but not much. We need to figure out a way to get to smart contracts to get new coins, and do liquidity mining without stupid gas fees that make it useless for average investors.

Here are a bunch… shows some approximate fees
for other exchanges. Note some are on other chains also (like loopring and matic).


I appreciate you wanting to help but do any of these actually lower fees? I checked paraswap, it wanted $80 free to swap $50. I’ve checked out a few. You posted 1inch which is the one I mentioned so yeah, there are lots of exchanges but I’m looking for low fee specifically.

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I believe the only way to get lower fees at the moment… (transaction fees usually correct, but with the whales not caring about fees the miners still take on the higher fee transactions) would be to try a layer 2 transaction.

There are much better explanations on how to use one than me… but from my research on the avalanche chain, that seems to be the only way to lower fees at the moment.

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I found MoonSwap but I don’t know how to use it. I’ll check out Avalanche, thanks for the insight.

There are others also… - Layer-2 you need to move coins over

Matic is apparently is rebranding to ‘Polygon’ also:


All layer 1 ethereum swaps included sushi has same fees as uniswap, but the benefit is u can stake and farm? Am i right?

Sushiswap is becoming popular every day because of its unique features and facilities for investors. The rewards and the token distribution are very lucrative. The safety and security of the platform add to the benefit of the liquidity providers.

You can stake multiple crypto assets here on this platform and earn interest on your holding like nowhere else. Having said that, this exchange has a long way to go, it is just a novice in the market and needs to work on itself to provide better facilities.

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