Data, Hashes, Blocks, Chains, Work

Some time ago I had made a video elaborating upon how the chain- as well as the proof of work aspect make it into blockchain technology. Thought I share as resource.

Similar to how in the questions I has previously raised in the Ethereum comparison thread on the Technology channel, I think there are a few stumbling blocks to common adoption with this technology. Here, in particular, I think that until bitcoin covers the ugly hashes from the eyes of their users, as well as the nasty aspect of having to copypaste the strings, this can’t quite go public. Some platforms like Steemit do have user accounts with normal names, but actually on Steemit and related project you have even more keys (post key, view key,…).
Do you disagree and maybe think this matters when we got something like paycard - or will this be an issue.


Imo the solution would be something like 3rd party tools that would manage all of the “complicated” stuff. This would probably defeat the purpose of having a 100% trustless system… But hey, people are already throwing away their own privacy on Facebook to feed some advertising company.