Curve was brought up at the end of defi 101 but isn't in 201

Curve was brought up at the end of defi 101 to be discussed further in 201 but isn’t.

I’m currently watching Ivan every morning and he thinks it’s one of the most exciting project currently.

They are launching their CRV token this summer and CRV token began staking and earning on June 19th by depositing into their SBTC pool and will last for 10 weeks.

I read the blog below and I’m staking to earn SNX, REN, CRV and BAL. Does anyone happen to know how exactly you earn the C tokens. Like if I put in $1,000 today how many CVR tokens would that be in 10 weeks? Does that make sense?


I’m making massive stacks off this coin. You can track it live on the eth ledger and I’ve earned a few thousand coins over a few days.

If you’re not doing this you are missing on a massive opportunity.

I hope other people can find other excited projects as well.

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Hi man yeaa maybe should do a seperated video on this

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