Curve farming for YFI

I deposited an amount of DAI into curve, and got the yCRV tokens (yUSDT+yUSDC+yDAI+yTUSD). I didn’t stake them with curve. instead I went to a balancer liquidity pool which is 98% yCRV and 2% YFI, and staked this pair for liquidity in exchange for BPT tokens. I then staked these BPT tokens on in their 3rd pool (called governance). As i understand it, this should result in accumulation of YFI tokens over time. I chose this pool over their 2nd pool because there is a much larger volume for it in balancer. However when I look at the info in , it says in there that one of the requirements is that I MUST vote…does this mean I won’t accrue any YFI with this pool if I dont vote? If that’s the case I can just get BPT tokens using the other liquidity pair on balancer (98% DAI and 2% YFI), and use the corresponding staking pool at ygov. Any ideas??