Crypto storage and decentralization

Hello everybody,

This is my first post on this forum, my name is Adrien, I come from France. Nice to meet you all.
I hope I can manage to explain my questions well, and I hope this specific topic hasnt been answered yet. (I haven’t been able to find a clear answer by researching a similar topic)

I am trying to find a way to secure my crypto the cold way, offline, on an Usb drive. Is it possible to dowload an offline wallet inside an operating system within an Usb drive while also being able to create backups within other usb drives in case you loose or break the main one?

If this isn’t possible, does ledger products function on a decentralized platform?
I mean, when you buy a Legder Nano S for example, you must connect it to ledger live app to use it right? And, is the ledger app a decentralized platform, written on eth smart contract for example?

I want to make sure my informations are kept secret from any third party or autorithy to know. I wan’t to make sure my crypto belongs only to me, and ins’t managed by any institution at all.

Thanks for your help

Also, I must say I need to store different kind of crypto, not only bitcoin, an especially a lot of altcoins and rarest coins. It basically needs to support everything.

I don’t know much more than you but taking the first lessons i know that you can not have a back up on another usb. That would be like a duplicate i think. But you can access your funds from every ledger device ( let’s say you loose it or it is taken from you) with your recovery phrase. No one else can access or take your funds from you without that phrase.
Blockchain is always decentralised and you can store or secure Altcoins with a ledger. Hope I could help a Little

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i think its possible and you dont need a usb for that … the most secure way to make a wallet is to download the html file of wallet making site like when you done you need to disconnect from internet ,open the html file open new paper wallet , write the keys on a peper , restart your computer before you connect to the internet … something like that but please do your own research because i am new here like you and i am only heard about this option I did not try it by myself :slight_smile:

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Seems legit, do you guys know if ledger is a decentralized app tho? I can’t seem to be sure about this too… Because, storing it on ledger makes it easy to get backups because they procure you a seed recovery password… However, if the database isnt secured and is centralized then it’s worthless to me.

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ledger stores your private key on the device and nobody cant read it only you or someone who have your ledger and pin code … with your seed phrase i think you can access to your wallet without your device if you lost it or something like that but check it first please … i think the ledger app its only graphical interface to access your wallet

It seems like the ledger live app is used to buy crypto too. Feels like a centralized platform, just like kraken. I wonder if storing your crypto there makes it really inaccessible… If they have some kind of leverage on it then ledger is useless…
Anyway, thanks for the good replies everybody! I am going to do some more research and if I find something interesting I will publish it here!