Crypto related jobs, for rather student skill lvl

Hello. Everyone want to find a perfect job right?

Not me. Let me explain this to you.

I belive that human reaches maximum potential when he is alignment with himself. The individual are ready to take longer path while studying while others seems to understand everything seemingly quicker, and move on faster, yet its in short term. That beeing said, I feel in one line with world of crypto and my free time hobby is watching crypto related content, till I understand I wanna participate. I dont really care how, in the start, but I know whatever I do in this niche will help me one way or another in future. Where is the wheel, there is the way.

That beeing said I have almoust none of technical skill, yet I wanna find a way to:

  1. Land a job as fast as possible.(I belive its possible to SPECIALISE on something and that way bring some reasonable value to company)
  2. Learn new stuff every day and continue to do the work is expected to be done.
    3.Find more “right” positions for my future career.

I think the price I need to pay is lower salary, but knowing there is big need for peopple in this ecosystem it still would be nice to start somewhere.
Maybe someone can share some insights of my strategy witch I call ‘‘get paid while learning’’ and thay own story’s. I would be thankfull if someone share if that’s a common practice to hire people with no previous experience and from where to start.

I belive this topic will be helpfull to many others who are in simular standpoint where I am now and can relate to everything I said.