Crypto job market

how is the job market looking right now in the crypto space as a block chain developer? any experiences?

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Good question @jmurillo13
Similar to your other post I am looking into which project to get involved with.
You can always look at for opportunities, but if you just started and looking for developer opportunities, probably it’s too early. It doesn’t hurt at least to have some background and have a Github repository to showcase your talent.
I guess, you can always look at Community management type of roles, but that requires some involvement in the actual project. There are always new projects that are looking for people to help them.


I actually just heard of a position at PayPal for a Cryptocurrency Investigations Specialist
Think they are offering 100k for the position and it would be remote possibly.
I know they have an office in Timonium, MD

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Hi Guys,

As this is the only “crypto job market” thread, I’ll post it over here.

I would like to ask you all what has been your experience with the crypto job market so far? Have you been successful after the courses over here, how easy is it/ was it for you guys to catch up with the job market considering no prior developer/ programmer skills?

Any other important steps/ info you would like to recommend?

Im rly wondering why there is no job post thread over here. However, would love to hear some feedback from you guys.

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I’ve had a few opportunities but nothing has materialized yet. Actually worked with someone on these boards but it was a conflict of interest with current job (needed to be able to keep it). I had 2 interviews with a big name exchange but didn’t get a bite. I do volunteer work on the side for a big name crypto site but that hasn’t materialized into anything paying yet. I see a ton of jobs but for the most part, unless you are working a startup, you still need to have 5 years of experience for entry level paying job just like anything else out there these days.

Hey guys I was looking for someone that would be able to get on a call with me and able to help me fork a project. If you are about to do that then contact me on twitter @BezoCryptos

Hello ZAR,

I’m currently looking for developers for a new project targeting Crypo bonds. Do you know where I can find some talent?

Some of the videos I’ve watched regarding landing jobs mentioned that a good thing to do is design some kind of dapp. This will pretty much act as your resume to demonstrate that you have a certain level of ability.

Hello, jmurillo13! The crypto market right now shows good growth potential for the next decades. If you are looking for a job in the crypto market, you can seek vacancies like crypto developer or the blockchain operator/miner/trading consultant. Today these vacancies are very popular in the market. Also, I can recommend you read the information from this link to increase your knowledge about finances and the best ways to get a well-paid job.

That being said, there are ways to make some quick cash in a day if you’re savvy. Freelancing gigs, trading (with caution!), or even participating in bounty programs can bring in some extra dough. Just remember to do your due diligence and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Courses helped, sure, but nothing beats real-world experience. I’ve stumbled, learned, and stumbled some more. But slowly, I started to find my footing. Networking has been key for me. Connecting with people in the industry, attending meetups, and just soaking up as much knowledge as I can. As for the job market, it’s definitely competitive. But there are opportunities out there if you’re willing to hustle. And speaking of hustling, let’s talk quick money. Now, I’m all for making a quick buck, who isn’t? But in this space, it’s important to approach it with caution. The crypto market can be volatile, and quick gains can quickly turn into losses if you’re not careful.