${crypto} instead of BTC in console

I’m following the video of Side effects of Control Structures tp practise. What I typed in my console doesn’t produce the desired effect as in the video. Why is it giving me a series of ${crypto} instead of BTC ETH USDT BNB ADA XRP? I can’t see what I did wrong. Attached is the photo. Thanks.

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You are using common quotes "" while they should be curvy `` :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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wow. It’s very hard to notice that. Thanks!

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i had exactly the same problem as you had. but I use single quote (’ ') and I don’t recall it was mentioned anywhere in the video or videos leading up to it that I need to use backtick () instead. the screen record in the video is small enough that it's hard to distinguish between '' and and it took me forever and endless googling to finally notice it.