Crypto Inheritance - Advice?

Has anyone in this space planned out/dealt with the concept of crypto inheritance? What is the best way to handle this?

I tried to have this discussion with my mom this weekend and she seemed more upset about the concept of her trying to figure out my crypto stuff then me talking about unexpectedly dying. I ended the conversation by saying that she should find someone that she trusts. I swear if I was holding fiat in my hand right then and there I would have just taken a lighter to it and burned it…


Hmm interesting, maybe create a smart contract, put the inheritance into that contract. The smart contract should have a function called check-in. The parent has to call check-in once a year. If the function is not called once a year, the funds are transferred to the inheritor. This is the simplest solution I could think of in 2 minutes :slight_smile:

That would require you knowing how to code the smart contract and also educating your mother about how she should check in at least once a year. If she forgets to check in, the funds will be transferred to you.

Also keep in mind that you cannot lose your private key, if you lose access to your account the funds will be transferred to that account without you being able to access them.

Someone should invent a simpler solution :slight_smile:


Ivan, thanks for the thoughts, I didnt even realize I could use a smart contract in this manner. Agreed, I am sure someone will at some point invent this.

I am new to crypto-blockchain and coding. I am still going through JavaScript for Children :blush: so I am not yet familiar with Solidity. When the time comes I will be reviewing your videos and posting my questions.


Check out Digipulse. They’re attempting to address this subject matter.



Doc, thanks, I will have to check digipulse out.

I also came across this article today on Twitter that was interesting.

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