Crypto Clothing

Come check out the new online crypto clothing store I just opened. Any input or ideas are appreciated from this community.

Hey Davidnachman,

Just checked it out. If I were to add something to my cart, it never gives me an option to choose colors. I saw on the homepage it says there were a variety of color options.

Maybe make a toggle that allows you to see what the color would look like and then to be able to add a specific color version to your cart.

Other than that, the bottom of the page also mentions deliver with 4-7 business days. Is this international or within a specific country?

Other than that, looks good! Out of curiosity, do you need to have the rights to use the Ethereum logo (for example), given that it’s an actual company?

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback. There are a lot of kinks I still need to work out in the actual functionality of the website. Though my printer has various colors and sizes available I have not quite figured out how to get all of those options as a selection that customers control. The option to change and select colors on screen is at the top of that list. After your message I also noticed I do not have a way to select size although various sizes are available.

Also the 4-7 business days is shipping within the US. We ship internationally as well but the timeframe changes depending on where in the world a customer is located. I will need to update that info as well.

As far as using the Ethereum logo I have also asked myself the same thing. My graphic artist has redrawn every piece of artwork we use. That being said I know Ethereum is an actually company, yet if they are truly decentralized as they claim them no one should own the logo either? All software is open-source. Im not sure exactly how that plays out in various artwork for different blockchains.

Again, thank you for your feedback. It has highlighted much I need to continue to work on.