Crypto basic ERC-20 question and wallet storage

I am confused when it comes to ethereum and the ERC-20 tokens when it comes to cold wallet storage. I have a BC vault. Now when I want to transfer an ERC-20 token to that wallet, don’t I have to have ethereum set up first? Does it matter how much money I have in that ethereum wallet to be able to transfer my ERC-20 tokens over? If someone knows of a good youtube video or website, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Also is there a list of which tokens are ERC-20?

Thanks All

Hey @hartfield97, hope you are ok.

To receive or transfer ERC20 tokens, you use the same Ethereum address that you use to receive ethers, keep in mind that in order to send funds or use protocols from the ethereum blockchain (like uniswap for example) you will need to pay the gas fees with Ethers (ETH), so is always good to have some funds on Ether in your wallet in order to send funds or do something else.

I might advice you our Ethereum 101 course to get the fundamentals on Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. If you want to get more knowledge on how those ERC20 tokens works, Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 course will teach you all you need to know :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

Hi there @hartfield97,

I wonder if you can help me with ERC20 token questions? No matter what I do, I can’t seem to send ERC20 tokens from my ETH account on my HW wallet. Whether it’s OCEAN or UBT, I keep getting errors when trying to send to recipient addresses as follows:

When looking at Etherscan, at a recent example of one of my failed send transactions, I keep being confronted with these transaction failed errors, whilst still being charged transaction fees and gas fees in ETH.

I just can’t send any ERC20 tokens anymore from my ledger HW wallet using either the mobile app or the desktop app, or even using WalletConnect via Uniswap (v2 and v3). I keep being charged fees despite no ERC20 tokens being sent successfully.

Any ideas and help would be amazing!