Creating new Pinescript data

Hello Everyone!

I would like to create an alert bot on Tradingview with the following details.

I would like to have a 50 Exponential Moving Average on the chart and I would like to have notification from tradingview when the price is crossing the ema and the next candle is going to make a bullish or bearish engulfing candle pattern.

I have got this far yet:

// Step One: Initial Setting
strategy("SSL Channel and 50 EMA",overlay= true)

// Step Two: Parameter Setting
ma50 = ema(close,50)
bullishEC= close >= open[1] and close[1] < open[1]
bearishEC= close <= open[1] and close[1] > open[1]

//Step Three: Signals

longSignal= (crossover(ma50) and bullishEC)
shortSignal= (crossover(ma50) and bearishEC)

//Step Four: Entries

strategy.entry(id="longPosition", long=true, when=longSignal)

//Step Five: Alert!

alertcondition(longSignal, title="bull signal", message="long signal detected for{{ticker}}")
alertcondition(shortSignal, title="bear signal", message="short signal detected for{{ticker}}")

When I would like to add this to chart I am getting following errors:

[line 13: Cannot call 'crossover' with arguments (series[float]); available overloads: crossover(series[float], series[float]) => series[bool]; ](

[line 14: Cannot call 'crossover' with arguments (series[float]); available overloads: crossover(series[float], series[float]) => series[bool];](

Can someone please help me out?

Thank you!

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Hey @Riki

crossover use two parameters to run the method.
Here is one of the examples from the course:

shortMa = sma(close, 50)
longMa = sma(close, 200)
longCross = crossover(shortMa, longMa)
shortCross = crossover(longMa, shortMa)

Also here is the documentation for it:

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

hey @thecil

Finall got everything, or as I hope I do because if I see the plots what i have entered in tradingview it shows me the entries only I want to see.

My only issue is with the alert now.

Here is what I am having at the moment:

strategy(title="50EMA + SSL Channel",overlay=true)

src = input(close, title="Source")
price = security(syminfo.tickerid, timeframe.period, src)
fiftyMA = ema(close, 50)
bullishEC= close >= open[1] and close[1] < open[1]
bearishEC= close <= open[1] and close[1] > open[1]

longSignal=(cross(price,fiftyMA) and bullishEC)
shortSignal=(cross(price,fiftyMA) and bearishEC)
tradeSignal=(longSignal or shortSignal)
//Plot Signals to chart

plotshape(longSignal, title="bullish",location=location.belowbar,, transp=0, style=shape.triangleup, text="buy")
plotshape(shortSignal, title="bearish",location=location.abovebar,, transp=0, style=shape.triangledown, text="sell")

alertcondition(tradeSignal, title="Time to get in", message="50 EMA and SSL Channel Signal detected for {{ticker}}")

If I save this or add this to chart I am getting following error:

[line 21: 'alertcondition()' has no effect inside strategies.](

the line 21 is the alertcondition line, this is the only thing I do not understand now.

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Please note, that alertcondition does NOT create an alert, it just gives you more options in Create Alert dialog. Also, alertcondition effect is invisible on chart.

Maybe you want to try with alert instead of alertcondition.

Carlos Z

Hi again Thecil!

Yes I think I finally made it, took a while but now I understand much more things!

Of course I have tremendous more questions and if I am not boring you with mine I would appreciate your answers going on :slight_smile:

So I was successfully able to make 2 scripts which now almost working correctly.

So let’s say I have a script ready everything is okay. I put it into the tradingview chart, set the alert, everything is set. But what if I want to make another script, is it possible to have two in tradingview (if yes, how?) or not?

Thank you again.

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From my understanding of the tradingview platform, its one per chart, free account just let you have 1 chart.

Carlos Z