Course Notes for this JavaScript

Hi I’m new to this course I just registered a couple minutes ago I am on my Android phone I’m scrolling to see if there’s any course materials or course notes provided by the Moralis academy, but I can’t find none. Do we have access to notes for a course?

Hey @ppa1983, hope you are well.

I’m not sure about what notes you mention, if you have a subscription with the academy, you will be able to access our courses.

Carlos Z

Hi there,

I would just like to second this as an idea.

I hadn’t thought about it when we are being asked to provide you a 5 star review but I do believe this is what is needed to bring Moralis to that point. I will start providing this feedback from now on and hope others reading this will do the same.

Study notes which could be downloaded from each section, perhaps editable so we could tadd our own notes to them. Just an idea. Im a teacher and find study notes very helpful when teaching and learning.

I can see that over 200 people have viewed this comment thread so it is something these people would like to see.

@thecil could you please raise this with your superiors?

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Hi @Katy_Moon, hope you are well.

I will mention the proposal to our academy team, thank you for the idea :nerd_face:

Carlos Z.

Hey there! Don’t worry; I totally get where you’re coming from. When I started, I was also hunting for those elusive course notes on my phone. But here’s the deal: Moralis Academy usually shares their materials directly on the course page, and it might be a bit different for mobile users. Sometimes they upload them as PDFs or even as Google Drive links. If you’re still stuck, try reaching out to their support team. They’re pretty quick at responding and could guide you better. Oh, and just a heads-up – you can also make some pauls online notes to keep or share.