Course feedback and request

Good news and recommendations about the course. I feel like I’m going to have bad luck for speaking up about this, I hope I am wrong. First I appreciate this academy and the knowledge that you were able to impart. Honestly, I do. I felt the course was missing some elements of DeFi that are crucial to the user experience. Namely an in depth of liquidity pools, how can we talk about DeFi and not explain what liquidity pools are and provide examples of impermanent loss? I have researched the topic but was hoping the class would bring it all together for me. We didn’t discuss any DeFi strategies either like using leveraged pools and how to use them properly. What liquidations are, how to avoid them, and how to be a liquidator. I get the industry is growing fast and a lot has changed since the recording of the course. Perhaps an updated to the course could be done maybe every six months or as you deem it necessary.

The reading materials are helpful, but I signed up for the course so I could hear someone talk about it.

Another topic that I would love to see discussed is the collateral backed token ecosystems like Reserve…what the pros and cons of a financial market like it are. There might be good flash loan opportunities in such an ecosystem depending the minting and collateral mechanisims.

Overall I did learn some new knowledge and I think the course would be even better if it included some of the above recommendations into it. Thank you.