CORS policy issue

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Hello @Malik and @alejandravisa

Same issue exactly!! Can you please share the solution with me?

Thank you!

@thecil @malik

Please see the issue noted in the previous message. I’m getting the same Failed to Load - CORS policy issue and cannot move forward in the React JS course without resolving it.

Please assist, as the item was brought up by another student previously and you had mentioned to her that the issue was quite a simple fix, but no more details were included. I believe it was a direct email to her that gave her what she needed to move forward.

Appreciate the assistance!

Thank you…


The issue was regarding the API url being incorrect.

Could you show me what URL you are using to call the caprika API? Her issue was that she was using when in fact it should have been

That’s all. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Malik. That hint cleared it up for me… Missed the final “/” on the “tickers” reference!
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