Convert Hashgard Tokens

I tried to convert my hashgard tokens on gardbox, but it does not work. The error is always “Network error”. I tried it several times and days. I read the instructions now 5 times and reviewed my process 5 times. I can not find the mistake on my side.

What can i do?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Same thing here Dominic, I tried to convert my Hashgard but Metamask does not accept their target address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) for varifying the ETH address. Not sure what to do. Anyone out there know? The YouTube video mentions a target address published on Twitter but I could not find it. It is interesting because the target address for burning the ERC-20 tokens does work (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001). I was optimistic about Hashgard but I may have to write this one off. Hopefully someone will know how to make this work.

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here is the instruction to convert Hashgard:

Metamask does not work. You need another ERC-20 wallet. I tried “imToken”. The wallet is good, but the conversion does not work.

Maybe you can try another wallet, if it works please let me know! Thank you.

It works almost, but I get the following error:

insufficient account funds; 4730396ugard<500000000ugard

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I transferred my GARD to imToken and was successful in obtaining the two transaction IDs but when I click on “Convert” I get the message “Please read the transaction data first” (not " insufficient funds") instead of being directed to Hashgard Explorer. I am not sure what this means. I will try sending a message to Carlota.

I have not been able to find a way to private message @Carlota XU in order to provide the 2 Txhash numbers. Any other ideas? Thanks.

Hi - did you receive any further feedback on this? I get to a similar point with the transaction ids, then I see the rather useless “Please read the transaction data first” error message. I’ve also had no response from the Hashgard admin on their telegram. The whole process is awful. Anybody from IvanOnTech listening who could approach Hashgard for us?

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Still no luck for me. I keep trying to put in the two TxIDs but I get the same message. Starting to think that this was all just a scam. Tiz the price of climbing the Altcoing learning curve.

where should i contact “Carlota”? Thank you.

Not to depress you, but here’s my experience:

  1. Join Hashgard Official English telegram group:

  2. Prepare to be shocked at the number of poor sods desperately trying to get some support to convert ERC20 to main net GARD (since the process published in the Medium article does not work and they have never bothered to correct it), but who are ignored by dismissive admins and molested by scammer support

  3. Direct Message Carlota Xu (@LUNEDECLAIR on their Telegram channel) then wait days for any kind of response

  4. Be both shocked and disgusted as they casually tell you your conversion to the newly denominated token at 1:10 is not a simple redenomination but actually reduces your holding value by 90%!!! They seem to think there is nothing wrong with this!

  5. Come to the conclusion that the whole damn project is quite possibly a scam.

  6. Move on. It’s Crypto.


Thank you very much. This helped a lot!

tried this process quite a few times and I always end up with the “Please read transaction data first” error. What a disappointment the Hashgard project and team have proven to be. As Eris said, move on, it’s crypto.

Same here, I have the “Please read transaction data first” error… The Hashgard telegram group is full of scammers and they are actually more active and eager to solve your issue than the team itself :sweat_smile: When I think I could do better at work and provide a better service to customers, I just check their Telegram logs and feel better.

It has been weeks I’m only being told: “not to worry”. For some people it has been months… It definitely smells like a scam. If it’s not their technicals seem shitty to me as well as their customer service and I cannot imagine this project to scale in any way.

The price can go to the moon anyway (because it’s crypto you know), and if I ever put my hand back on my coins expect me to sell quickly. This project is either a scam or dead soon.

I too am having the same issue with the “Please read transaction data first” issue. I used the imToken wallet and got close to conversion, but no cigar. No answer from anyone at the company. Additionally, somewhere it says that all conversions to main net must be made by the end of 2020. I continue to hold the ERC version of Hashgard, hoping that maybe it will eventually be solved, but I’m not holding my breath. If anyone comes up with an answer to solve the conversion issue, I would appreciate you letting me know what it is. Thank you!