Coinomi Multi-Coin Wallet

Hello, I read the Coinomi wallet review and found it interesting.
Coinomi is a very safe wallet because it gives you full control of your own private keys and offers outstanding overall encryption. You can also set up a seed passphrase, which not only gives you an additional layer of protection but also helps you to quickly restore your wallet to another device. The wallet is also open-source, which means the core code is open to the public and it has already been tested by countless users.

Which wallet would you suggest to store the coins ?

Yes Coinomi is a good wallet to store your Coins like ETH , LTC, BTC, XVG, BNB. But only real issue with Coinomi is that you cannot interact with Smart Contracts and also cannot use side chains like MATIC, Binance smart Chain, Harmony ONE, etc.
But it serves good purpose for storing Crypto.
You can use Metamask for Smartcontract interation on PC as well as Android Mobile.
OR use Trust wallet on Android Mobile for interaction and lot more coins which are still not available in Coinomi.