Coding Advice Needed

Hello, I have decided I want to learn coding and more specifically Solidity. However, I currently work in marketing and have 0 coding experience so far. Is there a specific course recommended? Do I need to learn specific languages before I learn Solidity, or can you make Solidity the first language you learn? Any advice or perhaps listed steps on what do first would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey @bluebullet02, hope you are ok and Welcome to our amazing community! :partying_face:

Since you have zero experience in programming, you need to learn the fundamentals first.

Solidity is based on javascript syntax, so learning JS first will made easy to understand the solidity syntax and its extra features.

:warning: Try to follow the exact order that I have made the list.

1st Stage: Fundamentals.

2nd Stage: Solidity Programming Fundamentals.

3rd Stage: Solidity Programming Advance

Extra Knowledge:

See you around :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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I am also a beginner and need help in the following ---- trying to adjust the stochastic indicator and would like to adjust the code that is used as follows:

typical K% - k = ta.ema(ta.stoch(close, close, low, periodK), smoothK)

Would like to have the Close, High Close, Low Close as noted below

k = ta.ema(ta.stoch(close, high close, low close, periodK), smoothK)

Thanks in advance for your help