Chrome browser issues

I’m having a strange issue in Chrome where it won’t react to changes I make in .js files. I can change html files and the site will react, but when I change Javascript files, it just doesn’t see the changes. Firefox reacts to the changes, but not Chrome.

I thought at first it might be a cookie issue, but even after clearing cookies it still doesn’t work.

Then I thought it might be an issue with the Python web server, but even after starting a new instance of the server, it still doesn’t work.

I even restarted my whole system. Still nothing.

Has anyone else experienced this? Please help…

Okay, figured it out - if anyone else has been having this problem, with the dev tools open, hold the reload button and try a ‘hard reload’

This solved the issue for me…for now

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You can also use ctrl + f5 to refresh a page + cache, some times does the trick :nerd_face: