Centrifuge: Decentralized Asset Finance https://centrifuge.io/products/tinlake/

 As an American citizen they ban me from such epic crypto! This defi project is called Centrifuge. "Centrifuge Chain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain built on Substrate that enables users to bring their assets on-chain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This is the starting point for originating real-world assets on the blockchain - to begin to unlock financing for any type of asset. This public chain is owned and operated by no single party: the Radial token empowers its holders with governance and provides the incentive for validators to operate the chain. Bridged to Ethereum from day 1."


“Using Centrifuge Chain, businesses can convert their Real World Assets (RWA) into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This enables Asset Originators to put up these NFTs as collateral in Tinlake pools on Ethereum. Centrifuge Chain is an open source PoS blockchain built for finance and powered by the Radial (RAD) token. Tinlake taps into the Centrifuge ecosystem, including the Centrifuge Chain and a P2P messaging protocol, to bring DeFi to a consumer-ready interface.”


 I'm still trying to wrap my mind around what all they are planing and since im US i cannot participate directly.   They seem to be covering the borrowing and lending.  I'm trying to figure out what sets this project apart from others.  As i belive  it is now involving NFT into the borrowing and lending process.  allowing NFTs to earn intersts on stable coins.

 "Tinlake’s set of smart contracts pool NFTs that represent non-fungible real-world assets and use them as collateral to finance an asset in a stable cryptocurrency such as DAI or USDC. This is done by issuing fungible, interest-bearing tokens that represent a claim on a fraction of the proceeds of the entire pool. These fungible tokens can be locked in crypto protocols or transferred to investors to draw funding. When liquidity is injected into Tinlake, our risk and yield tokens DROP/TIN are minted accordingly. The same mechanism applies in reverse when funding is paid out and tokens are burned."

 "Asset Originators can create individual Tinlake pools per asset type, e.g. one dedicated pool for invoices and one pool for mortgages. All Tinlake pools are independent of each other and can be configured individually, e.g. with different interest rates and collateralization ratios. For funders, risk and proceeds are shared for each pool but not across pools."

 In conclusion, this feels like it could be a first on the scene mover, although their final idea is a little hazy  to me.  Alot like loopring and other icos of 2017.  I'd like to get a non US citizen's prespective of the project.  Let's just say im exicted to lean more about this project in the DeFi space!