Cardano Programming Course

I would like to ask about Cardano, are you guys (@ivan & @filip) going to create a course related to it? Why/Why not?

It is worth to learn Haskell? If yes, it is better to start learning this language after all your courses based on ETH & EOS?

Looking forward to your respond



We have no plans at the moment for Cardano. But if it gains in popularity and if a lot of students request it, then I’m sure we will create one.

Haskell is a very niched language and I would not recommend it for complete beginners, it’s quite difficult to grasp in the beginning. But if you have some experience with Javascript and C++ and you’re looking for a challenge, try haskell.

I would like to request a course on Cardano plutus programming!

Thank you!


I guess I’m shaking life in a quite old thread by this, but:

It’s time to make a big move on Cardano guys :smiley: For me personally it’s my main motivation. I think the Cardano crowd is big enough now (and growing) for it to be a sound business decision, from your side of the table.

We soon have the Shelly launch on the main net, and I’d find it really valuable if I’d be off the ground in Plutus before the launch of Goguen. And it’s said to be coming quite soon!

Cheers from Sweden :sunglasses:


The Cardano people are not building normal business (pyramids they call them) structures. They are trying to build/create circles

pls do a plutus course, ive honestly wasted my subscription and have been learning haskell/plutus on my own… not blaming yall, 100% on me… but im in love w the cardano ecosystem and would love a plutus course.

ALSO idk if there’s any help 4 this, but id like to create an ADA stake pool where i can airdrop cNFT’s to delegators… any guidance on where to start and how to go about it?