Cardano and the eUTXO model - anyone more into that?

The recent failure of Minswap on testnet drove a bunch of FUD and criticism around Cardano’s abilities to deal with smart contracts, while ‘‘cardanists’’ developers keep reinforcing that’s a condition with solutions already, that more into-Cardano-projects are aware and already have solutions, not publicizing it yet tho.

Do we have any Plutos or Cardano ecossystem dev around here?
I think its at least interesting to open up a programming0-related topic around the technology if Cardano’s model makes a new path drinking from both account and UTXO models…
Anyone interested or with experiences on this?

Im not too sure of the underlying tech and/or the solutions for concurrency, but thats a great question… I really wish there were more developers here familiar with the cardano ecosystem, i have an idea for an nft/stakepool project on cardano, but nothing here can really help me with that…

if you’re also a big cardano fan, feel free to hit me up… its been hard for me to find anyone who knows plutus instead of solidity

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Hi, sorry I dont log in here much yet.
Unfortunatelly I,m nota plutus-savy, I’m a begginer in programming yet, but I feel you, would be nice to have lessons on the tech and potential consequentes of cardano,'s infracstructure and blockchain logic overall (same as I wish for Cosmos btw). I believe the best approach for now would be to Connecticut with Cardano dev’s foruns, If you want I can referal some brazilian developers that is dedicated to the chain together with an embassador that are involved with a nft project (specifically Lil Goats one)
(Or just go to telegram grouo Cardanistas and look for Bosco, Atila or Maria Carmo)