C# Script not in Components

Hi, currently I am on the “Controlling the Characters” lecture. I have reproduced the code Ivan created in the lecture, but my script is not appearing in the component options to apply to my character. There is a comment that says “No MonoBehaviour scripts in the file, or their names do not match the file name”. This doesn’t seem correct, so I’m not sure what to fix to solve the problem. Here’s my code and a screenshot of the problem.

@ivan @thecil See the questions above pls.

Hello @limitlessandrew

Where did you store your PlayerController script? How did you create the script? (is it right-click -> Create -> C# script?)
Check if it has a .cs extension and it within the project’s Assets folder as well.
You have to select the jelly character, in the Inspector of the jelly (where you can also see that you added a Rigidbody 2D component to it) there you Add Component then type in the name of the script

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