Buying Monero privately

What do you think of Changely and Block fi?…I was reading about Monero and people were saying it is a privacy coin so buying it via private methods makes sense…any thoughts on buying monero with BTC and using other exchanges like Changely and Block fi?

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As long as you don’t have to do KYC it should be fine, I think. You still need to make sure that your bitcoin has no connection to your identity. If there is any connection with you and the bitcoin you bought, everyone will see you exchanged it for a privacy coin (or at least if the exchange keeps the record). The best option would be peer 2 peer if possible. I used Changely once but I don’t know if they collect any data. Maybe use a VPN as an additional security measurement. hard question. I suppose that privacy on the blockchain will be easier as time moves on. :smiley: