Business plan

Dear according to course defi 101
we can easily create defi app and then use blockchain but i need to know how to earn money from defi
for instead i have seen website
it let you play and if you win it give you some eth but if you lose you don’t lose anything

so may question is how this site make money what is business plan behind it

I don’t understand?
It says 50% win chance. Have you used this? It certainly looks like you don’t get your wager if you don’t win the roll.
Can you show where it says something about no loss because I couldn’t find it?

i am learning defi 101 and one of item mentioned it is in one website you wont loss the eth that is why i confuse
it app was app.pooltogether he mentioned you wont lose money

Oh yes,
I believe they pool the funds are placed in an interest bearing contract through a protocol like Maker.

As interest is accrued per block, they are able to draw one contributor to the pooled funds and give them the interest earned of the entire pooled funds.

Say 100 people provide 1,000USDC to the pool, which is earning 10% per year.
That’s 100,000USDC in total earning 10,000USDC in interest per year.
Instead of each person getting smaller interest pay-outs, one person takes all of the interest.

And when people want to withdraw from the ‘pool’, they get their contribution back.
No loss.

hi thanks for your message but again I have some questions when we lend eth to these guys how they get interset
from where these interset comes

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