Building Great Things

Describe the three components required to build great things.

  1. People
  2. Discipline thought
  3. Framework

discipline >
on people :fearless selfless tireless, sense of urgency, never idle, solution oriented, bias for action, reach the baseline quickly and exceed it.
on thought: confront the brutal fact, date-driven decision, in order to big great think on one single thing
on action: after thought is the matter to empower ourselves and thrive and firm with vision objectives.
putting it on my wall of shame every morning to remind myself to poof myself everyday
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The three components (framework) required to build great things are:

  1. Great and disciplined people.

  2. Disciplined action.

  3. Disciplined thought.

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Describe the three components required to build great things.

  1. Disciplined Amazing people
  2. Disciplined Thought
  3. Disciplined Action

This is the flywheel effect


Disciplined People - Disciplined Thought - Disciplined Action

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Disciplined people, thought and actions.

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  1. Disciplined people
  2. Disciplined thought
  3. Disciplined action
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To build great things a company must follow a framework:

  • Discipline people always push the wagon, reaching the baseline quickly - and exceeding it.
  • Disciplined thought confronts the brutal facts and executes Data-Driven Decisions.
  • Disciplined Action means focusing all resources toward that area of strength.
  • :dizzy:Building something great is akin to pushing a large, heavy flywheel.
  • :warning:Doom Loop. The opposite to disciplined thought, people and actions are REACTIVE thoughts, actions and people.
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  1. Disciplined people.
  2. Disciplined thought.
  3. Disciplined action.
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The three components required to build great things are:

  1. Disciplined people - this is related to having a good talent density and basically having top performers in your team which will drive the team to new heights.

  2. Disciplined thought - thinking in a disciplined way

  3. Disciplined action - do things in a organized and disciplined way

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It takes, great people, disciplined thoughts, and actions.

We have to be very disciplined in what we do and the actions we take in order to avoid the doom loop.

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People, disciplined thoughts and action.

  1. Disciplined amazing People, has something to do with Talent Density where few highly skilled people is better than many averaged skilled people.
  2. Disciplined Thoughts, being focus, going on the same direction, and everyone has common thinking
  3. Action, we have to be disciplined in what we do

all these will create a flywheel effect that would make the community stronger. also avoid the doom loop which is the opposite of being disciplined.

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  1. Disciplined people, related to talend density
  2. Disciplined tought, to be focused and align everyone for the same goals
  3. Disciplined action, with this we will trigger the flywheel effect avoid the doom loop
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  1. Disciplined, amazing. Talk to like the other, selfless and tireless.

  2. Disciplined thought with the focus up everyone is going in the same direction.

  3. Disciplined action, which will develop the flywheel effect.