Bringing Blockchain and Crypto Adoption in Africa

What can be done to promote adoption of crypto in Africa.
I am looking forward to have an education foundation which gives education about blockchain and cryptocurrency.
How can I go about it


Internet is always the best option, as it enables you to reach many people in a click of a button.

Check the stats:

It looks to be growing as well. Maybe focus on the internet? :man_shrugging:

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Thank you

The other challenge is there is less internet infrastructure, electricity power shortages, the presence of mobile money operators which doesn’t use internet. And people have been scammed before. So if you want to re-educate people, which platforms can one use.
Because there might be need to have an exchange where people can be given an opportunity to venture into crypto. That exchange must be located at a physical building and must be registered with the monetary authorities.

There is a huge potential. Anyone with such capabilities and interests can partner with me maybe we can offer something

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