Blockchain Solutions: Auto-paying Royalties for content creators- looking for devs

Crosspost from Tech. Looking for devs to help build. Trying to find group knowledgeable in Solidity, IPFS, and Javascript. Outline found in post as well as the problem it seeks to resolve.

I’ve been wondering about this for a while! Haven’t got experience beyond the academy but I’d be willing to help in any way I can :slight_smile:

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Keep in touch! I am recruiting programmers, but getting word out is always a help! If you can share the article and plan with anyone you feel is interested, feel free to do so.

Once things are more concrete, I am sure there will be roles I didn’t foresee become a necessity.

A programming role is what I’m looking for. I’ve completed the Javascript and ETH programming 101 courses, and have started the ETH programming 201 course. I just don’t have experience from elsewhere is what I mean.

Also, the link to your google drive file didn’t work, it said you’d binned the file already?

Try that link. Not sure why it isn’t working…