Blockchain Course pre requisite - feedback - Job hunt

Hi there everyone

I would like to know what is required before starting the Blockchain Course please ?
I would be pleased as well if anyone can share his experience on the course ? how long does it take to complete ?
And finally can anyone share his experience on job hunting after completion ? is the course enough to find a job as a blockchain dev ? did it take long time to find a job ? what are salaries ?

Thank you very much in advance

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Hey buddy,

Which bockchain course do you mean? The bockchain & bitcoin 101 or blockchain business masterclass?

The 101 isn’t in my opinion enough to find a job in the space according to my previous experience but I don’t know maybe you’re already a developer.

I did like the course and learned quite a bit about the basics. The protocol, transactions, mining etc etc. How long it takes depends obviously on how many hours you’ll put in it but I think for the 101 there stands something like 10 hours for it

Can’t help you with the job hunting question tho, not there yet. Hope this helps tho but can definitely recommend the courses tho, love all content.

Hello Mate

Thanks for your reply
I am actually interested by all courses but I still don t know if there is a full program to follow there to become blockchain developper…
I have no skills in programming yet.

Thank you and all the best !

No worries buddy!

If you take like the whole package they’ll give you a study plan according to a quiz you do before you even start any course. I didn’t have any skills or what so ever on coding but they skilled me with the basics of JavaScript and C++ but because I don’t want to become a programmer I didn’t (yet) go deeper into coding but there is a react web development course, solidity smart contract programming course, EOS programming course etc etc.
So I, in consolation with my “personal study counsellor” decided not to follow my study plan because it didn’t feel like the wright path at that time.

I do feel that if you follow the study plan and put (a lot) of effort in it, it’ll get you somewhere… I hope in the future I can update you on that tho!

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Thanks Buddy for all information
There is still this I don t really get, I am sure it brings somewhere…but where is the point ! :wink:
Thank You again and all the best :slight_smile:

Well, as with most adventures… You never know… haha good luck with it all!