Blockchain Careers

Does anybody know where we can start applying for Blockchain jobs?

You can try here


What type of job are you looking for and where are you located?

Hi @iwan.spillebeen,

My goal work environment would be developing EOS DApps with React and Apple iOS user interfaces.
But I’m open to Solidity, all walks of Javascript including Node.js backends, iOS applications, Graph Databases with Neo4j, Amazon AWS deployments including microservices.

I’m currently located in Queensland, Australia.

hey I am in India willing to travel for good opportunity in Ethereum development.

Hello everyone!
I am taking these interesting courses to be prepared and have a solid knowledge for the future as blockchain and crypto will be the future for sure! My plan is to enter one day the blockchain and crypto world as a professional but I won’t have any previous technical knowledge.
Of course I know the basics of crypto and I follow pretty much the news on a daily base so I know what is going on.

Which kind of jobs do I need to aim as a starter after completing the courses here and gain enough knowledge before moving on to jobs as a blockchain developer? How easily can you find them without any previous professional experience?

Is it worth to take a web development course as well to learn code language as Python, Javascript,etc? They are pretty expensive (about 5500usd) and you can complete it part time within 6 months or in 9 weeks fulls time.

I would be great if someone could help me to provide a certain track starting with these courses and then move on, following some websites, etc etc

Thanks a lot in advance for your help guys!!

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hey @El_torro. great that you want to go full time crypto. in terms of jobs, you should apply when youve taken the nessecary courses in solididyt, react etc and have built an number of your own personal projecs.

I started the moralis academy with no prior codin experience is April of last year and landed my first time blockchain developer role at the start of this year. so if you put in the hard work and dedication it can be done in about a year.

the easiest way to get a job is to get a frontent dev job. so learn react and become really good at it.

In terms for applying. angels list is very good, also spruce up your linked in and sell yourself really well and eventually recruiters will reach out to you, especially if your very active on linked in. so this is another way to search for jobs.

alls i will say is keep putting in the work and you will suceed

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Hi Evan,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

So first of all solididy, javascript, react and which more would you suggest to have a least a basic but solid knowledge? What kind of own personal projects do you mean?
Kind of tests to show your knowledge to someone? Do you have any specific projects to show me please?

One year is about my time frame, first starting as a part time developer if that is possible or do they only ask in general full time devs?