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Similar as in DeFi 101 I want to challenge you to explore the DeFi digital finance stack to spot new building blocks that are essential to the DeFi digital finance stack. As you see we need a very multitalented pool of people to make this movement into a reality so find your comfort zone in the DeFi stack and become an expert and gain unfair knowledge advantages.

Since it is DeFi 201 Let’s dive a bit deeper and let’s take our forum discussions to the next level let’s read some in-depth scientific articles and let’s voice our opinions, ideas and feedback.

On Blockchain- and Smart Contract-based Financial Markets

Blockchain disruption and decentralized finance: The rise of decentralized business models

Let’s take our discussion to the next level.
I’m looking forward to debating you!

I did this paper for ongoing personal research into a DeFi/CeFi Bridge I want to build here: DeFi Ecosystem Overview I recommend everyone to also start making a paper like this when you have an idea/project or new career path you want to build.


Hi @amadeobrands!

Good to see you are back with a bunch of new insights to share with us! Thanks for all your work!

I am not sure where exactly you wanted us to share our idea about building something on the space, so i just write it here.

I was looking through a little at the Everest project registry before, and i found something which is kind of similar to my idea, but still different, that i had in my mind in blurred outlines, since i got interested in blockchain technology.

I did not have technological, financial, economical or any related background to this field, since i was not interested at all in these things.
However the entry of Bolckchain technology, Bitcoin, and Decentralization has changed my approach, so i hopped in this train!

I don’t see yet how can i move forward with my idea, it is still very much just something which exists in my imagination, and i am alone with this at the moment…

The project i am interested in to realize and build something in the real world with the help of Blockchain technology, it would be much connected to highlight and bring solutions to sensitive environmental issues like what is happening in the Amazonas rainforest through various countries in South-America.
All the illegal deforestation, illegal mining in indigenous territories, indigenous genocides day by day which almost nobody talks about, and many other related issues that only brings destruction to all the living entity and communities in that region, in order of some economical and capitalist growth.
The worst, all this is empowered by governments, so the help will not come from that direction…
To highlight, track and save tens of thousands years of knowledge, that different indigenous tribes kept safe throughout their generations, about medicinal and master plants, animals, living in harmony with nature, learning from each other.
Because i believe the best teacher is still Nature! And if we don’t do nothing to preserve this knowledge, we are lost as humans…

That is the idea, but in reality this is much deeper than i just wrote here!

Thanks for hearing me out!
Hope i wrote in the right topic…



As a software engineer my idea is conceptually simple, but practically more complex. Basically, I am thinking we need to increase the volume of arbitrage in the over all eco system. I am hoping to build something to do this when we cover the flash loans.

I tried running a maker keeper, and actually got it running in the docker container, but it is complex. I would be one of the students interested in doing a deep dive on that.

From what I could figure out, understanding the keepers would require a detailed understanding of the types of auctions, and how they map to the smart contracts, i.e flip, flap, flop. Then perhaps building your own keeper in whatever language you are comfortable with. I don’t have a lot of python under my belt and the example keeper is no entry level “Hello World” application, with it’s virtualenv and runtime configuration. In fact I suspect that was the motive behind providing a dockerized alternative.

Also, while my head was down in the detailed nuts and bolts of the keeper I completely missed some steps in the liquidation process, such as providing the correct DAI value, I think. You mentioned it in the video.

Anyway, in summary, more arbitrage!


I have spent years loving crypto and the idea of it taking over but not much in business, so still tremendous amounts of knowlodge for me to learn in both fields as I still am not widely understanding in everything i do cause there’s never enough time in the day and satellite internet is a joke for someone truly trying to gather all the information they possible can and stuff it into the brain.

The one thing that does come to mind or could play a part in your solution would be from a sales point of view to bring in an opportunity for small business owners to taking part in a pool together kinda investment or staking in crypto to gain a return on investment for the business its self. It would help to bring in cefi flow and also bring in everyday mass adoption use cases for crypto purchases. That would create several opportunities for flows in and out of the defi network and allow for the start of crypto cards.

Of course crypto will need to have a lot more publicity before a person could actually go out and be a sales person or teacher to help get businesses started in that direction. I know this is probably happening in other parts of the world but not in the U.S as of just yet as far as i know.


Hi All,

My life experience comes from the world comes from healthcare information technology. I would love to create a form of health insurance funded on the blockchain through smart contracts. We could pool money together into a high interest account and disperse portions of it to support a pool members health expenses. We could also stake and vote on how much goes to the member and if the group supports it. Of course there would have to be a well thought out system, and a form of proof before the vote starts. Additionally, we could add incentives for the pool members who stay healthy in the form of interest payouts.



I think using a token to incentive medical professions might have more leverage in this then just using say ETH or DAI. Maybe the token is for membership in the insurance collective but also for bailing out the system like Maker token during black Thursday. Saving rates might be to low maybe the doctors can get collateralized loans at higher rate of interest to build their practice. Also profit sharing on the interest like 30% to token holders to get people to HODL them. I think an ideas I can think of would work better in developing countries.

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My idea would be to have a platform when you can do auto balancing lending. So for example put ETH in Maker vault take out DAI. The DAI gets converted to example CDAI to collect interest on it. The loan is made at example 400% collateral. If the collateral goes to 500% it auto loans to 400% again. If the loan drops to say 250% then the DAI gets converted to ETH and ETH is added to the collateral side of the loan to equal 300% collateral. Meaning when price dumps the loan leverages itself. This is case of bullish ETH the reverse could be applied to bear marker. Also a way to notify lender of stability fee changes or changes of over 50% to collateral in 1 day.


trying to spot for new building blocks is very hard to accomplish, as things are moving faster than my thoughts…( in blockchain, and particular in DEFI).

As an experience Project Finance Financial Advisor, I did not notice any DEFI “building block” that is suitable for developing “trustless” or “semi trustless” financing in this area. I believe that smart contracts are the most appropriate tool for such a mission.

Project Finance - I mean to a long term financing of infrastructure, industrial, and real estate projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project (as its primary collateral).

Project Finance funding is a complex (non-recourse) scheme of funding, characterized by having complex legal contracts involving multiple conditions and covenants.

There you can take the advantages of the crypto world for optimization, transparency, and simplification of the process through the utilization of smart contracts.

I will be more than happy to lead/participate/contribute to such an effort.
Second thought- I would love it.

Amazing man be sure to contact:
I think they are interested in building something like that.

I have a multi-token and exchange project central to one broad economic sector. I am not going to describe it, but i have been conceptualizing it for several years based on experience with other digital protocols. Its pretty neat and encompasses a large econ opportunity.

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good articles…thanks

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Goede avond Amadeo!

Again thanks a million for this epic knowledge. My brain is cracking from all the new information here. :slight_smile:

I have no skills in programming. My main competency right now is Industrial electricity and data ( as an independent contractor ), manager of my Metal band and an owner of a small ASIC mining farm that mines privacy coins.

The main 3 things I would like to focus on in Defi are;

  1. “Grandma-friendliness” ( the ability to take all this complex information and explain it in a few simple words to an average Joe/Jane who don’t even know how basic Bitcoin infrastructure works, let alone Defi! I tried to do that with my work colleagues and failed miserably, so the conversation naturally degraded to trivialities such as gossip, news and sports )

  2. Working on an easy to use solution where an artist ( or a content creator ) is in full control of the royalties that the Fans contribute for the artist’s work. Right now gatekeepers like music labels, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc are playing a central role in this process and it can surely be done better, more efficient and with less fees that go to fat and bloated corporations. During the times of the lockdown we have released our new album. Since we are completely independent and “punk-minded”, we haven’t had serious financial concerns, but our booking agency and many other Metal bands that I know were struggling hard.

  3. Onboarding physical asset fans. I’m a long term gold- and silverbug ( as well as an investor in limited edition single malt whiskey ) and that has brought me into crypto back in 2014. I used my crypto gains in 2017 to exit the market ( by purchasing physical gold and hibernating in it for the period of the brutal bear market in 2018. Gold was my best stable coin ). The whole operation was very cumbersome and I did this in order to avoid selling crypto for fiat and creating a taxable event. This strategy also severed my “on-chain” presence from the real world asset that is gold. I’m 100% sure that in the current economic environment there will be many people ( who love to park their capital in off-shore locations ) who would like to use a similar strategy. It would be nice to keep your crypto assets locked up in Defi protocols and simply use the earnings to purchases physical gold and silver in order to hedge potential risks in this unpredictable environment. To my knowledge, there is no service that does this.

As far as all the aspects of Defi right now ( things like lending, borrowing, insurance, liquidity pools, derivatives, exchanges etc ) it’s looking very good and you are right, we are very very early in this space. Only people who ACTIVELY look for this information, find it. This will change off course, but it seems to me that people will want to interact with this amazing tech when the shit hits the fans and like we say in Belgium “when you get punched in your wallet” by desperate governments and central banks. So far the only thing we need to do, is to cut this information down into bite sized chunks and present it on a silver platter of a “grandma-friendly” environment ( with amazing GUI and user experience ).

Sorry for the long post. Hope this makes sense.


My idea is quite simple as all of the mechanics of DeFi are already in place. But the intelligence to utilize and manipulate wealth in the crypto ecosystem still needs to evolve.

Developing crypto trading bots that capitalize on machine learning to recursively, become more and more efficient and insightful to facilitate trades, implement well orchestrated flash loans, and to provide profitable margins for its user, without the user’s intervention.

That, in fact, is my endgame in this industry.


Hi Amadeo,
I took defi 101, working through 201. I’m a physician, I’m wondering, …defi in healthcare? For example, health insurance on defi? Is anyone doing this? Is this possible?


Great ideas and clear post! I’ll try to find my DeFi-way and am an experienced programmer who like new innovations, reason to be here :blush:

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Great term hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
I think your focus is spot on and will make you $$$ and you will help humanity

I have worked for some big insurance companies and I can say that it is a business with huge opportunities … but also it is a walled garden and hard to enter. For sure blockchain but general IT innovation bring so much potential to the market.

I would love to build out a POC (Proof of Concept) if you have an idea I can help you build it.


My thoughts are with the people I work with in every day life.
One is the amount of males who have online betting accounts, where they bet on just about anything but mainly the horses, sports and even politics. The amount of liquidity that would be tied up with these thousends of accounts. If there was a betting group that could manage the central funds with an internal way of tokenizing the value of there account to earn interest and also benefit the web provider for a win win.
The other which has not been mentioned here yet is the gaming side. Gamers and co are always in the forefront of initiatives. The same again all the team I employ mainly just under 30 years old all meet up and play there online games,there probarbly already exsists a decentralized protocol for gamers, however in the mainstream i try to explain to them defi and blockchain, and they wonder what I am smoking!!!, seems to me we need a different approach to get these regular income earners to embrace this new concept, like they do with there online gaming

My idea is to make some bot too, also able to make arbitrages

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Hi Amadeo, about the bridge, I think that open banking will be the key. And will be again 2 kind of bridges,
ce-brid form and de-brid (yeap new words). Regards

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