Blockchain and Election

Every election we come to hear of issues such as votes being miscounted or lost. There are also conspiracies regarding corruption.

Solution is Blockchain - At voting booths provide people a unique ballot belonging to them which they can scan digitally in order to cast their vote:

  • Full transparency because everyone can check the smart-contract maintaining votes for the election on the Blockchain. Also, inspect the functions and code to see if the smart contract is anti-bias

  • Mitigates double-voting since no same digital ballot can be scanned again to re-cast a vote

  • No human-error because it’s all done by computers. Eliminates lost votes etc…

  • Flexible since people can vote using any smart device as they don’t have to visit a voting booth granted they have received their unique voting card digitally in which they can use to interact with the polling website UI connected to the smart-contract

  • Fully-decentralised as no single government/ person can manipulate the voting system

  • Efficient, as elections get decided by the time voting is closed


  • Eliminates anticipation and excitement of an election. However, this can be emulated by programming the smart-contract in a way which makes the actual counts of the contract opaque to the general public until a specific time/date has reached.

Would be interested in knowing people’s thoughts about this and let me know if I forgot to mention anything else.

Do you think Blockchain can help with elections and do you see a future where voting happens on the Blockchain?

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I see much more pros than cons but I think that it will take quite some time to adopt this kind of technology for elections as nature of politics is to be corrupt and shady. Blockchain is all about transparency, cost-savings and efficiency so it’s not very compatible yet :rofl:

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