BITTREX Opinions/Reviews

What is your opinion/review about BITTREX exchange?

It was the first exchange I tried when I got into crypto. Absolute garbage. I tried to get verified and the application process was confusing and clunky. They kept requesting more and more things like I have have to disclose everything down to the last details, at some point I was actually afraid of identity theft. Bank statement have to be dated, with your full address, with transactions, with full account number and routing. I tried a second time, since it’s a ticket system, they didn’t even response this time. They don’t allow deleting your account so I hope to god my info doesn’t get leaked when their server eventually get hacked. Also the interface is trash imo, which I quickly found out when I tried other exchanges.

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I was happy with Bittrex, then when I changed my KYC after I was divorced they kept saying my issue was resolved but I haven’t been able to sign in for over a year.
I don’t think I have anything there (refer back to “divorce”) but I’m still salty.

Hi…since more than a week my account was disabled by bittrex. Bittrex wanted a KYC in November. I sent informations and thought its all done. Then I noticed my account was disabled at ATH of BTC&CO. They told me some more information is needed and because I didnt answer immediately they disabled my account. Since one week they want more and more information. But nevertheless they dont activate my account.

Bittrex is the last exchange i would recomend. If you use it…make sure to leave asap and choose a other exchange.

@Ivan…could you tell this your 300.000 follower. I would apreciate it!!!

I live in Washington state. I am not allowed to use Binance, Bybit or Gemini… what should I be using??

You can try but I think you maybe able to use kraken… I’m in NY and it’s really restrictive here also… I’ve heard that some people use a VPN and Bybit… but I cant say for sure.

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I was excited for Kraken… but alas they just sent me an email they are not allowed in my area! Only told me this after sending them my ID and SSN :confused:

I’ll have to look into Bybit via VPN

Bittrex offers everything necessary to begin trading cryptocurrency. Registration is effortless, and there are several technologically advanced tools and features to help you complete trades. The main benefit of Bittrex is verified account owners can access USD deposits and withdrawals.

They have also invested in security and as evidenced by their exhaustive verification process. While the site is designed to be beginner-friendly, it has various elements that make it attractive for all kinds of crypto traders.