Bitcoind / bitcoin-cli issues - BitcoinCore v22.0 on Windows

I’m having problems with the sendtoaddress functionality.
I’m on Windows / Powershell with BitcoinCore v22.0
I started bitcoind with:
.\bitcoind.exe -regtest -fallbackfee=‘0.00001’
Then, in a separate PowerShell window, loaded wallet with:
.\bitcoin-cli.exe -regtest loadwallet testWallet1
Then checked that I have unspent UTXOs (with listunspent) and tried to send some funds with:
.\bitcoin-cli.exe -regtest sendtoaddress bcrt1qq6lvlhq9lmrfvc9tulj2zy2rfch83egn65v9at 10

But then everything just gets stuck. bitcoin-cli doesn’t finish the command (I can terminate with CTRL-C, and afterwards any other command I attempt gets stuck as well). bitcoind seems also to misbehave - terminating it with CTRL-C doesn’t fully terminate.

Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? Should I somehow generate additional blocks after sendtoaddress so that it gets executed?

Unfortunately, the videos are not updated to the latest BitcoinCore (including using deprecated commands), so there is a lot of looking up that I’m doing to figure this out.
Will appreciate any help,

Hey, the commands for sending are mostly the same and if there is a change, its mentioned in the notes of the video. They are pretty minor so we didn’t think its worth recording a new video.

Anyway, yes after creating a tx, the cli should return a txid. But that just means the tx has been sent and put in the mempool. To actually confirm the tx, you have to mine a block and confirm the tx. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply!
It seems that my Bitcoin installation was messed up and didn’t process transactions properly. I’ve reinstalled to a different location, looks fine so far.