Bidao ICO, any thoughts? positive or bad!


I would just like to suggest you to take a look at the ICO Bidao. It is my favorite Youtuber who told me about it. right now the ICO price is 0,01$ pr token. The ICO is very near sold out. See more info here. I am not affiliated with Bidao, so its not like i earn anything telling you about this.

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Personally, I think Binance is trying to control the entire market. Basically just trying to reproduce what is already being done on Ethereum. Maybe Binance can do it better? We shall see.

bidao getting huge response from investor with staking 30%

I’m a part of the Bidao ICO. I think there is big use case for a stablecoin back by multiple collateral assets

just curious. which youtuber did you discover this from?

I´ve been reading a lot of people on Twitter mentioning this as a potential scam. Also, as per their own whitepaper, this project has nothing to do with Binance other than that it will interact with the Binance Chain.

30% staking is nice, but also a sign to be wary.

@Jacob_M who was the YouTuber that mentioned the ICO?