Best Platform for a new Token

Hello All, I am not a tech person and I am new to the crypto field. However, I have been watching some YouTube videos on different topics. I am in the process of issuing a new token for a b2b marketplace. The token to be used for buying products.
The majority of tokens are built on Ethereum. Ethereum has the ERC20 and ERC23. On ERC23, some comments say that if you do not follow the correct steps, you stand to lose your tokens.
Other platforms (i do not know if they can be used now) Cardano, EOS, IOTA, and some others are praised to be better than the Ethereum platform to build a token.
Any feedback on the best platform to use now? If the answer is Ethereum, and there may be a better platform coming soon, is it possible to use the new platform and keeping the same ledger on who owns what tokens?
Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

As of this moment Ethereum really is the best place to build a new token, since most of the mistake have already been made and as such the standard is more developed. I’m speaking mainly of ERC20 as I don’t have much knowledge in the ERC23.

Cardano and EOS should debut this year and have the possiblity to do better than ethereum, but since they are not operational yet you will encounter a few problems such as the fact that no one has any real experience with the platform.

I don’t know anything about building your own tokens in IOTA so I will not be able to answer regarding this.

Other things to consider are NEO, that also has a live functioning network with a simillar model to the ERC20 and some ICOs already have been made there, and Steemit’s Smart Media Tokens, for more social applications, are also rolling out this year as I understand it.

I agree with @Caiof Ethereum is the best platform to use for now, it has gone through its fair share of troubles but has had a lot more time to stabilise than the other platforms and their fork took care of quite a bit of the issues (whether it was right or wrong to do aside).

Yes, ultimately Tangle should prove to be better in terms of what you’re trying to achieve (you’ll need transactions at speed and volume for a B2B marketplace - even more so for a B2C space if you were considering that for the future). But it has been quite a troublesome development with - not so friendly - discussions with other crypto communities and leaders; the fact that the coordinator is still online (and not sure when it goes offline) and more importantly the fact that it appears cumbersome for users to create their keys.

So much so that it lead to a hack not 2 days ago that cost IOTA wallet holders USD 4 Million, something that could and therefore should have been prevented by the IOTA developers.

Love the IOTA concept but the implementation seems to be a bit lacking.

Built it on Ethereum for now (scalability will somewhat be addressed with their addition of the Raiden Network in future) and do check out what Cardano is doing and will be releasing, this is by one of the co founders of Ethereum and probably the blockchain with some of the clearest documentation I’ve come across thus far:

Among other things they are looking into cross coin / blockchain functionality.

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Have a look at Stellar and Mobius (platform for Dapp building on Stellar), transactions are way faster then Ethereum,for a much, much lower fee than other platforms.