Best Exchange for a New York resident?

I’ve been trying to actually get onto an exchange that makes sense and doesn’t have ridiculous fees for a while, but every time I hear about some cool new app, they don’t service New York residents in the US. Anyone out there have a suggestion for the best one I can buy both top and alt coins on??

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I had the same problem, I have a hosue in Florida thats how I was able to get into some exchages But maybe you can go to uniswap or another Decentralized exchange I know you ca;t buy all the coins there but it is a start


If you just want to buy (not trade), Celsius Network (wallet, you can buy directly from the app) is licensed in NY. A lot of information available on their official channels.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a bunch!! I’ll give this a shot!

OK, well Dexes are all the rage right now, so I’ll give it a look!

have u tried

Thank you, but they are NOT available in New York!!! I found out the hard way after already downloading the app and as soon as I got to the KYC license part… BAM! Not available here.