Best anti virus software?

Hi, I got Mcafee Live Safe as recommended by PC world, so I thought I was very safe, plus John Mcafee seems like a clued up guy. But having just spoken to a young tech guy that seems to know a lot, he said Mcafee is one of the worst and Avast is one of the best.

I’d love to have some more comments on this, as working with exchanges and wallets on my laptops I really want to protect myself from hackers/spyware etc. I don’t do crypto on my phone although that is also covered by Mcafee but it’s an IPhone and I understand they are easy to hack.

Many thanks


Hi Cryptoangel,

Currently I’m using Malwarebytes and previously had Eset Nod32, never had any infection on any of my devices.
Having an AV will not prevent you from everything if you do crazy things. Use a virtual machine if you really need to check/browse suspicious content.

I think it is also VERY important to:

  • Keep your softwares up-to-date
  • Use a password manager like Keepass and never store your passwords in a plain text document,
  • Use decent passwords, at least 10 characters with numbers and special characters,
  • Be aware of phishing emails/PMs, never click on links from unknown senders. You can always check a link in VirusTotal if you have concerns.
  • Know what you browsing. I really recomend to add WOT (Web of Trust) extension to your Firefox/Chrome browser. It’s showing the reputation of a website even in a Google search.
  • Backup backup backup…

@Cryptoangel I have used Mcafee for a long period of time on various devices and never had any problems with that. However, if a tech guy has recommended you something else, you have to listen to him/her. :thinking: But as I said, I have never had any problems with Mcafee, so I would recommend it to anyone.

Also, I had been using Kaspersky, it was also not a bad option, but as far as I remember, it was more complicated than Mcafee. Anyways, these 2 are the options that I would focus on in terms a secure anti-virus software.

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Hi there @Cryptoangel

I agree with what the young tech guy said. I definitely think you should be using Avast as an antivirus however there is an interesting story I have to tell you. A month or so back my friend needed me to help him around his laptop. While I was trying to get the thing he wanted I found out he was infected with a bitcoin miner. He had no antivirus so I went ahead and got avast. However avast could not detect the miner what so ever. So I had to use malwarebytes which found the miner and finally removed it. Avast is very good but in that situation it was useless against the miner which is why avast and malwarebytes is a great combination if you ask me. Avast does block miners usually found while browsing the web as I have seen it being blocked on my own computer. Mcafee is a no no to me, and I would never recommend it to anyone. Hope this helps you choose.


To add, Komodo, has been helpful in the past along with Malwarebytes in searching for Spyware, Malware and the likes. Currently been with Avast for the last five years without any problems.

Not sure how it works but if you double check the sites your on and how you access them i.e. VPN, then I think the average person should be safe.

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don’t bother with anti virus they will not stop anything, get a great firewall instead that uses auto containment , also use a script blocker and adblocker like noscript to prevent most things getting there in the 1st place.

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Any you’d recommend? also i forget to say be sure to add a keystroke encryption like hitman pro alert

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Best protection is your own behavior:

  • do not click anything suspicious or click baiting (best way to get infected is to click on “how to protect your computer” ads for example). If it is unsolicited, DO NOT visit.
  • do not install any shady free applications, especially those claiming they will improve security or help you with your bandwidth etc.
  • only visit websites with verified SSL certificate
  • Always remember, if something is free for you to use, it means you are the product
  • use ad blockers (Brave browser, or ublock addon)
  • if you really need to access a risky website, use a virtual machine or better, another computer dedicated to risky stuff that you can reinstall anytime it becomes compromised, or on a regular basis regardless.

I do not have an antivirus as I know that it doesn’t help. Virus makers are always one step ahead.


Komodo provides their fully functional security suite for free. You only have to pay a subscription if you wish to have technical support.