Bear market job hunting plan

When seeing people getting laid off from this bear market, it makes me feel insecure. Since it’s a bear market, I’m wondering if I need to tweak my plan a bit to make myself more competitive when applying for jobs. I have no prior coding experience. I have already finished BTC 101, Javascript Programming, Ethereum 101, Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101, and currently doing Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201. My original plan is to finish doing Ethereum Smart Contract Security, Reactjs course (while doing smart contract programming), DeFi 1 and DeFi 2. Is it going to improve my chance of getting a job if I take more courses like * Bitcoin Programming 101*, C++, Rust, Solana? If yes, which courses? How about taking other web developer or software developer courses? Or am I better off doing more networking instead?

You also need to know which are your skills, its easier for you to do front-end than back-end? Do you like more UI design than Smart Contracts?

The main idea is that you choose what you like most, and start go deep with it.

If you like Smart Contracts, then go deep with Solidity or Solana.
If you like UI Designs, take the react course and go deep after the course.

Try to build a project whit what you have learned from the courses, something that you like to do in your free time and help you to expand your skill in that area.

For example, after the react course if you do like UI, learn the web3UiKit from moralis. If you like Solidity a lot, learn how to use hardhat, how ERC721A works, try to deploy it on a testnet.

All our courses that we offer are more than great, but jobs are looking specialists on a field, could be bitcoin programming or solidity or solana programming, or Web3 Front-End developers (UI design with web3 integration), so choose the path you like most and become an specialist on that field.

Hope this help you to create the strategy your looking for :nerd_face:

Carlos Z


Thanks for the advice!!

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