Batch Transfer NFT Using Moralis

I am new to Moralis. I just followed the guides to transfer NFTs using the Moralis.transfer(options) function. But this function only sends one NFT. I am wondering whether there is a function that can batch/bulk transfer multiple NFTs with different contract numbers. Similar to the Openzeppelin function: safeBatchTransferFrom(address from, address to, uint256[] ids, uint256[] amounts, bytes data). Thanks.

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Hey @Qiu, hope you are well.

There is a big difference with the openzeppelin function you name, if the contract contains that function and it can be proved, then you can use it through the abi of the contract (creating your own methods to interact with the contract). Moralis function to send nft used the default of all erc721 or 1155 standard which is the usual one to send 1 nft.

Carlos Z