Assignment - Introduction to Fintech

  • Use google to find fintechs that are active in your region. Try to find at least one for each of the 6 pillars of finance and write a couple of sentences on what each and one of the fintechs are doing and share your answer in the forum if you like.

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  1. Pay: . (It’s a start-up growing a lot in Italy for payments. Only using SEPA wires adjusting once per week their credit. Instant payments with no commissions. Unfortunately only inside Italy)
  2. Investments: (I didn’t know this company, I just now found it and seems very interesting. They invest on companies and help to set the business in the best way in order the investment became profitable)
  3. Borrowing: In my country is active Agos ( Online procedure is very easy. The company is focused on borrowing.
  4. Saving. Gimme5. ( Helping to save money from a minimum sum of 5 euros. Optimize the savings even if from small sums.
  5. Lending. ( This is a platform allowing to meet lenders and borrowers. All procedures are automatic and very fast/efficient.
  6. Insurance. 99bros ( This platform helps to optimize the way to make any kind of insurance by comparing the different possibilities offered on the market.


Klarna ( is already very successful and known here in Germany. It’s a company focused on providing payment solutions. For example when online shopping, Klarna let’s the user pay directly, pay later or pay in installments. So actually, they don’t only offer payment solutions but also borrow money. I’ve used it and it works well (specially useful to buy something and be able to give it back before even paying).


rubarb ( provides the users an easy automatic saving method by rounding up money they use in day to day spending and save the difference so that each time the user spends something, he saves something as well, and even if it’s just a few cents each time, it sums up. They also offer investment services for your savings. Haven’t tried it but sounds pretty good.


BUX Zero ( aims to make it easy to invest in shares and ETFs without commission. They have a mobile app and claim that your money is safe with them (up to 100.000€).


Vaidoo ( is a company that provides online, P2P and other types of credits to customers. They aim to make the service cheap, secure and more flexible than usual.


Banxware ( offer Embedded Financial Services which, among other things, allow Marketplaces to provide loans to their merchants, integrated in the marketplace platform. They aim to bridge the gap between banks and digital platforms.


Friendsurance ( is a company providing insurance which rewards users with a yearly cash bonus if they didn’t have to claim because they didn’t have any damages. They aim to make insurance cheaper.

For all you other people here in Germany, this chart might be interesting if you wanna read about more fintechs! (or if the search is getting a bit difficult ;))


Below are the most popular fintechs used in NY:

PAY: stripe, venmo, zelle

INVEST: Betterment - is a digital wealth manager popular among millennials. It’s famous for its “robo-advisor” - an algorithm that selects investments and builds a diversified portfolio for its clients

BORROW: Petal - is a very democratic credit card provider. You can get a credit card from the company without any fees and without any pre-existing credit history.

SAVE: Money Lion: apart from offering its customers swift and mobile banking experiences, also **runs a rewards program for building better financial habits: if you maintain healthy behaviors when it comes to money, you will earn different benefits.

LEND: Climb Credit - offers student loans, but for selected courses from selected colleges and universities.

INSURE: Policygenius - is an online shop for all kinds of insurance - including life, long-term disability, health, renters and pet policies.


US Market

PAY: Coin - is a consumer electronics and financial technology company.

INVEST: YieldStreet - is an innovative crowdfunding platform that connects investors to asset-based alternative investments, Generate passive income with investments starting at $1k.

BORROW: Credit Karma - is a personal finance company that’s focused on helping everyone make financial progress.

SAVE: Alkami Technology - is a software company focused on providing digital banking solutions to the financial services industry.

LEND: MuleSoft - is a provider of the leading platform for building application networks.

INSURE: Hippo - Hippo offers intuitive and proactive home insurance by taking a smarter, tech-driven approach.


Payment: Remitly, send money oversees with minimum overhead and varying speed. They make money from the spread on the exchange rate. A limited countries are supported. Great if your oversees transfers are usually to one of those contries.
Saving: Plum. AI powered saving app. Analyses your spending habits and recommends savings. Allows you to earn modest interest on your balance.
Investing: Cash App. Allows you buy partial shares in companies. Their debit card offers substantial cash back on certain brands.
Borrowing: Updraft. Helps consumers stay on top of their lending with financial planning.
Lending: Peerform. A marketplace for peer to peer lending. Offers decent rate of return on your money.
Insure: Popsure. Offers customized insurance based on a questionnaire. un-bundling products to give you what you need.


AfterPay allows buyers to have the option of paying the full price in 4 installments weekly.

Interactive Broker allows users to invest in shares in multiple markets around the globe.

Ant financial allows users to borrow money with 3 clicks has all your record and be able to calculate whether you can borrow or not.

It includes a spending account and debit card that is FDIC-insured so you can safely deposit funds, see transactions instantly and track spending on the go.

The mobile banking app also offers an automatic savings account, which allows you to start saving money without thinking about it by automatically setting aside 10 percent of every paycheck you deposit into Chime. You can also enable rounding-up on your purchases and have the difference transferred to your savings every time you use the Chime debit card.

Peerform allows peer to peer lending at 5.99% rate.

Hippo offers intuitive and proactive home insurance by taking a smarter, tech-driven approach.


Invest: bitFlyer, ZUU, QUOINE provides trading, exchange, and next-generation financial services powered by blockchain technology
Pay: Mobile payment services : Origami and LINEPay are very popular
Lend: Lending services based on crowdsourced funds: maneo and Crowd Bank
Save: MIZUHO, ONETAP BUY provides a mobile app that helps people manage their savings and investments more easily
Borrow: Freee is an automated online accounting software that syncs with bank accounts and automatically categorizes entries to create financial reports., Money Forward Fine Inc.
Insurance: justInCase


Pay: Paypal, we all know paypal, easy and secure transactions when shopping online.
Investment: eTorro. This has enabled the average Joe to follow the trades of other investors with as little as $200. It also looks like a lot of people discovered they have a talent with investing and eTorro helped them become professional traders with huge portfolios.
Borrowing: zopa, a p2p lending platform with a great track record.
Saving: Monzo, monzo automatically rounds up your purchases and saves the difference.
Lending: zopa, a p2p lending app that diversifies your investment for extra security.
Insurance: veygo, if your friends needs to drive your car, say borrow it or maybe assist with driving on a long road trip, veygo give you quick and easy access to insurance for as little as 30 minutes.


Fintech in Switzerland

Pay: TWINT- Switzerland’s digital cash. Whether you are shopping, paying for a meal in a restaurant, wanting to make a purchase from a vending machine, paying at parking meters or browsing an online shop: with TWINT, you can make convenient and secure payments using your smartphone. TWINT also allows you to send money directly to the smartphones of your friends and family.
Lend- Tradeplus24- Zurich-based fintech specialist lender which provides flexible, easy funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to improve their liquidity position.
Save NEON- digital investment advisor from Switzerland. Selma selects, trades and rebalances your unique combination of investments so they match your life.
Borrow- BOB- Online Private Loan
**Insurance-**TONI DIGITAL Swiss Insurtech start-up based in Zurich
Invest- SELMA- Digital investment advisor from Switzerland. Selma selects, trades and rebalances your unique combination of investments so they match your life.

  1. Insure

Goose is a travel insurance company
Breathe is a B2B software solution for insurance companies.
Nuera Highly tech focused insurance broker focused on easy of use.
Nexus Mutual insure smart contracts

  1. Lend Lend with weekly payments, not insured
    BlockFi Lend with monthly payments, not insured
    Nexo Lend with daily payments, insured
    Ledn Not insured

  2. Save
    Mylo Automatic saving and investing platform

  3. Borrow
    Borrowell allows borrowing of money from various lenders.
    fundthrough borrow money against invoices

  4. Invest
    Mylo Automatic saving and investing platform

  5. Pay

Instant get paid after every shift
Paybright consumer goods in payments biweekly or monthly


Fintechs used in Berlin, Germany

Payment: Klarna, N26, Revolut

Saving: Zins Pilot

Invest: Trade Republic

Borrow: Auxmoney

Lend: Bondora (P2P kredite)

Insure: Friendsurance


6 Pillar services in Israel

1. Pay:
Providing different POS products & services for collecting payment online, through mobile phone or inshop:

2. Invest:
Basically, a bank owned by a BANK - a daughter company owned by one of the big Israeli banks - Leumi.
The first bank to allow opening account remotely, without having to physically visit a branch or sign papers. Has a specialized app for investing too.

3. Lend:
Social lending between people, (almost) without intermediaries:
Easy lending for the young generation:

4,5. Save, borrow:
Still mostly done through specialized big institutions - no real fintech I could find.

6. Insure:
Insurance search & compare engine that enables to locate deals and opt in for a call.
Still quite a long way to go to real fintech.


Pillar: Saving
Save Advisors - a startup where you need $1000.00 to deposit to a savings account. The company invests your interest in EFT’s (stocks and mutual funds combinations).

Pillar: Investing
Robinhood - Invest in stocks online.

Pillar: Borrowing
Bloom credit - Helps borrows improve standing with lenders.

Pillar: Lending
Tara - Uses cell phone data to determine credit-worthiness

Pillar: Pay
BitPay - Pay via bitcoin transaction.

Pillar: Insure
Hippo Insurance - Uses monitoring systems like satellites, leak detection, and public information to make insurance decisions more efficient.


Fintechs working on the Pillars of Finance in New Zealand:
Investing: An online platform for trading on the local & US sharemarkets. Autonomous platform, No brokers, affordable, quick & easy trades.
Insurance: A customer centric Insurance co in its fifth year focusing on how to improve the customer experience using tech. tech.
Lending A fintech offering loans to businesses using a pre-approved line of credit. Instead of borrowing a lump sum in one hit clients draw down only what they need when they need it.
Payments A software co; that offers a tech solution for existing financial institutions to incorporate “under the hood” that facilitates payments integrated with their current system.
Borrowing A mortgage broking Fintech that has diversified to offer Loans & investments over commercial & residential property
Saving A fintech focussed on making the NZ government sponsored pension scheme more efficient & competitive for users.


Pay: Tikkie it is a payment request to other people via WhatsApp.
Investments** : Vive helps with setting clear financial goals. Peaks helps with investing in goal to financial freedom.
Borrowing: oneplanetcrowd is a Dutch crowdfundingplatform
Saving: . Gimme5. ( Helping to save money from a minimum sum of 5 euros. Optimize the savings even if from small sums.
*Lending: Bridgefund. .tech ( This is platform enable for entrepreneurs with 5 minutes a loan.
Insurance: Lemonade AI based insurrance

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Fintechs used in Florida, USA:

Pay = Stripe, Venmo
Invest = Cashapp
Borrow = BlockFi
Lend = BlockFi
Insure = HippoFinance, Insurify, and lemonade

  1. Payment
  2. Investments
    …Stash…icapitol network…Carta
  3. Borrowing
  4. Savings
    …Plum - AI powered saving app…Chime
  5. Lending
    … - merchant lending, KFW instant loans, card issuing
    …Kabbage - B2B lending…Opendoor - Realistate Lending
  6. Insurance
    …Root Insurance…Next Insurance…Lemonade
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Here is Canadian map of fintec companies in canada

Also here is a link to PWC complète report on CDN fintec

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I will skip the description of each pillar as they are very well explained in the above document