Assignment - Digital R.I.C.H.E.S

  • Go through the points of the digital R.I.C.H.E.S with your business case in mind and write down what you would do in order to fulfill all parts of the framework.

These replies are referred to the project I suggested in the previous page of the forum (a unified app to manage all different accounts)

Real time – All the money transfer have to be immediate. Ask a further payment for an instant wire nowadays is a nonsense.

Intelligence – Full complete information available on the screen is one step to intelligence. The second one is to suggest further possible actions at the right moment. A call to action that user has only to approve.

Contextual – If they receive a recurring payment (e.g. a salary or a pension) may they appreciate a reminder if at the end of the day there was not a credit? If they own cryptos, may they appreciate to read news about the market?

Human – I personally hate when companies make difficult to find their direct phone number or the customer service. An online chat seems to be the best way to reduce the costs and give human assistance.

Extendable – May we consider the possibility to release our own APIs ?

Social – May we in some way use our best customers as testimonials? Which kind of social information may they report to us?


Real time – Care must be taken when selecting crypto tokens for payments, as crypto transaction confirmation times may vary and cause poor customer experience.

Intelligence – Add bread crumb-like step-by-step indication at the top of the UI. Provide additional cutomized information to user based on user action

Contextual – Provide latest crypto news from reputable sites to users based on their crypto transaction/interaction history

Human - Provide an easy transparent customer service experience. Actual people skills must be provided

Extendable – Rest API could be made available

Social – Have a proper social media presence, with customer reviews easily provided.


Real time – All the tax you have to pay should be immediately occurred in real time

Intelligence – Detailed tracking and suggestion as a financial personal advisor - can help me identify which ares I need to focus on for monthly financial improvements (alerts based on percentage threshold increase/decrease compared to previous month for example)

Contextual – It would be nice if customers could receive up-to-date news about how the trend is going especially for tokens/ coins they are holding

Human – Instead of long hour waiting for direct phone service (typically in Canada) customer might opt for online chat which is quicker and more transparent

Extendable - We could consider emerging markets

Social – We might want to build online/ offline community where we constantly receive feedback from customers


All the investments will be available to be made without leaving the app.

All the possible risk-free investments will be available to browse through inside of the app.

They will be able to go through an assessment that will evaluate their current needs and recommend the best investment for them.

Every client will be able to chat with a real person through email or chat. More significant clients will have an appointed phone help.

Doesn’t make sense for us, unless we will be acquired by a bigger player.

We will have an affiliate recommend-a-friend program.

Above I refer to the previous assignment


Real time – Immediate insurance coverage for ordered plants

Intelligence – Using origin trail API for tracking plant integrity and carbon footprint

Contextual – Premium valuation based on distance and season to give credibility in premium cost

Human – Online chats will preclude email communications, this way a 24/7 system can be implemented

Extendable - This insurance package could be offered in major urban centres globally

Social – Influencers and users will explain the value of insuring plants in lowering the time to creating the ideal indoor and or outdoor garden space

  1. Real time: regarding being real time everything on the bookings and payments on the platform happens on exact timing as its been arranged.

  2. Intelligence: so far no platform has done such a thing that swaps a one sided benefit from the owner to both tenant and owners.

  3. Contextual: Using the protocol is bringing more rewards to the tenant, since it is more beneficial to the tenant then they rather go through our platform.

  4. Human: The user experience is a very important aspect, most of the users might not even be familiar with crypto , thats why our intention is to make as simple as possible

  5. Extendable: There are lots of options, such as bill payment services

  6. Social: There are lots of social possibilities in this space


Hi. This is unfortunately confidential information that i can’t share in here


Most details Reserved… please see my answet to BCM to understand why.

Involves existingly operational partners with some first-to-market innovations to be enabled through partnerships, BAAS solutions, and unique proprietary tech/ IP.

  1. Real time: propritary tech and innovations with partner offering very high scalable TPS, to be combined with API aggregator data, to enable real time data (also suitable for KYT / KYD edge)

  2. Intelligence: within the super app, a wealth of data from each app component (sub-app) will inform and enable the other. With open banking API’s (& some elements of Open Finance) will look to improve both finances & lifestyle

  3. Contextual: Existing services (relating to partners) in question serve businesses and retail customers in regards, business expenses, business travel, local payments, overseas transfers. Without giving away what new partners will bring to existing services I can say th eimprovements to te product / service stack will be of great utility in both a lockdown and normal environment (in UK we are in lockdown potential until the summer, & aiming to launch partner integrations beforehand)

  4. Human: There will be more cost involved with human-to-human communication than in most Fintechs and this is possible due to existing services in operation with high value customers. However, (human) chat bots will need to take some of the strain off of this as customer base grows. When ultimately seekig mass more global market, premium services will need to be tiered, with free access for email & automated chat bot. Premium subscription will cover cost of human interaction for customers that really do need it. Community forum to run concurrentlt in a similar format to this forum so that company can advise & take feedback but also enabling peer-to-peer interaction for some of the simpler (non technical) queries that are universal / non-sensitive.

  5. Extendable: this will be a universal super app, in a similar vein to Alipay, Tinkoff & Revolut, therefore it will extend into many product areas. And then many markets (regions), aiming to be increasingly inclusive (& starting from an exclusive base)

  6. Social: social elements will be incorporated via the lifestyle services, extendable to small circles of friends and family. And also embedded into the security monitoring elements of physical assets


Real time – The transactions must be instant as nobody likes to wait.

Intelligence – To be dumb-proof as to reduce the barrier entry

Contextual – As they own the property/invest in it, would they want updates and news about other areas of interest in the industry?

Human – By capitalizing on AI Bots, it could be scalable much faster with a human monitoring the chats.

Extendable – Perhaps other developers could build ontop of the platform through an API.

Social – By collecting feedback from our users/investors


Real-time: Surface up-to-date information instantly for customers.

Intelligent: Treat consumers as individuals through intelligent use of their data.

Contextual: Use technology to help consumers at specific, contextual life points.

Human: Make communications clear and easy to understand for anyone reading.

Extendable: Constantly look for opportunities to extend services and create end-to-end journeys.

Social: Have proactive conversations with customers to help them find new opportunities within the product they are using





C = Contextual i.) SEE ABOVE :wink:

H = Human i.)SEE ABOVE :wink:

E = i.) Extendable – Rest API WILL be made available TO PARTNERS AND DEVELOPERS, (after enhanced due diligence has been done.) :+1:

Social – Have a proper social media presence MEMBER PORTAL fit for purpose, with customer EXPERIENSES AND reviews easily provided and managed by the user(s). :clap:


Real Time - All transactions would have to be approved by user and then broadcasted on-chain, they would be verifiable via etherscan. All actions executed by bot not already authorized and signed into action would have to be approved real-time by the user. All first attempts at customer service would be real-time with techs responding when available via chat if the user is live or email otherwise.

Intelligence - A general guidebook is offered to those window shopping, complete with statistics, win ratios, loss rations, full transparency of all codes and fees, dev, network or otherwise based, base code would be open source. For subscribed users, the same + advanced tips/guide books/suggestions on personalized bot tuning.

Contextual - View of aggregate race/breed/winnings/losses data, network traffic level variance %s, biggest winners, biggest losers + relation to breeds/offspring/tracks

Human - For subscribed users priority customer service + live online chat, discounts for continued usage and mineable/redeemable free use days. For unsubscribed users, 72 hour free use contract during which live online chat is offered + email correspondence.

Extendable - offer mobile integration w/dApp, UI x remote control.

Social - Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Website, dApp, @email


Real time

  1. Assessment could be done instant. However switch of mortgage loan requires agreement of mortgage broker as well. Even lending/borrowing platforms are not always instant. Some asks a guarantor for example.
  2. Intelligence.
    There are a several program in Domus portfolio for different customers depended on their financial situation.
  3. Contextual.
    Provide comparison with rivals, i.e overpayments for mortgage borrowers, rent costs, information about typical traps of mortgage/tenancy contracts, our advantages.
  4. Human.
    Provide people feedback, loyalty rewards, etc
  5. Extendable.
    The Domus model means permanent expansion, new projects are going to be permanently involved in the ecosystem.
  6. Social.
    One target is challenging affordable housing gap. Therefore we are waiting for mass media response.

It’s a pleasure reading through your business plan ideas in this post and in the previous ones. :pray:

Thank you for that and IoT wishes you the best of luck!

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Thank you Adam.
But it is really so complicate project I was not able to imagine. Legal part is extremely difficult. WRA tokens (World real estate tokens) are hybrid security tokens by definition. To make it tradable in CEXs and DEXs you need to switch off their security functions. We call this type of a hybrid token as a mercury token and it is a novel.

AMM justification requires a top expertise in statistical physics. Surely we can offer a phenomenological relatively simple model for public but we understand that it is not a good faith. We know also that when we present a proof based on micro theory a few scientists can understand it. Therefore we will be an object of criticism.

It is not clear as well which DEX can take us with our own original AMM.

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For my Investment Freedom Project, here goes.

Real Time - absolute essential to the success to get the order done, executed, reported as quickly as possible. Need to get all parties --bank/finance/or sellers of investment products’ platform in sync with payment system, create own wallet to receive funds from buyer/client’s banks for both selling, investing and deposit sides. Also need real time reports for the portfolio and all related info.

Intelligence - Do a comparison of average return for the similar investment goal during the same period. Client should be able to get a quick glance.

Contextual - Send a weekly or monthly snippets on investment news. How their portfolio fare in relevant to the market.

Human - can do like Ivan on Tech academy that is to attach a photo of sales assistant but eventually we will need to save cost and move towards AI and utilize human-interactive services as best possible.

Extendable - I see this as a highly favorite integration as we develop more info on the customer, we may offer travel related services, insurance, shopping points, etc. All extension should be aimed at lifestyle focused.

Social - We can use various demographic presenters, not necessarily famous to show the ease of use and convenience the app has given, the better livelihood the app helps improve.

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Real Time– All purchases and transactions are real-time. When users purchase or create NFTs and funds are locked-in, it all happens in real-time.

Intelligence–The platform suggests artist discovery based on Users’ search information, NFT purchases, the artists they follow, the communities that share similar taste, and so on. This is meant to expose the users to artists that they may like based on metrics.

Contextual– the transference on NFTs with physical unit is a context-based solution, given that it is a solution that needs extra-steps in order to fulfill the transaction, along with obligations. In other words, these types of transaction would be real-time, but funds locked into a smart contract wouldn’t be released until there is a confirmation that a physical unit tied to an NFT made it to the destination of the new owner. Basically, if user A were to purchase an NFT from user B–and that NFT is a physical unit–the transaction would consist of user B mailing that physical unit through a mail carrier designated by my platform, the money from user A would be locked in a smart contract, and in order for user B to get the money, the unit would have make it to user A’s destination. Once that is confirmed, the smart contract will update, and user B gets his funds, and User A gets his item, and the blockchain updates to confirm user A as the rightful owner of that NFT. This is where chainlink would be helpful. But the point is that there are different context in which the transactions are handled differently, albeit securely.

Human–I would have a dedicated representative team to help users once all other methods have absolutely failed. But the chatbots, and text message chat bots should be able to handle most issues before letting users with truly outstanding issues access a human representative. Whilst on the platform, there is plenty human to human engagement–it is a social media app afterall. It would be cool to have the chatbots have their own user profile, along with the chatbots “interests” and personal NFT collections so that they have a distinguishable personality of their. For example, if I had a chatbot named OLGA, then OLGA would have her own profile on the platform, along with artists that OLGA follows, NFTs owned by OLGA, and other customizable things. In this way, users can “follow” OLGA’s profile, and come to see her as a “person” with a “personality.” This is all to aid users in seeing the chatbot’s as personalities, thereby “humanizing” the automated processes.

Extendable–Solutions related to blockchain security for transferring physical units would be a service we can provide for any organization looking to transfer large amounts of physical products or units securely.

Social–it is a social media app, and so artists, influencers, collectors, and users can socialize, or organize chat rooms and galleries within the platform. It is meant to bring people together and bond over a shared appreciation of art–generally speaking.


Real time – money transfer should be realized within seconds or just minutes.

Intelligence – AI-supported user guidance that automatically adapts usage to the user and makes work intuitive.

Contextual – Intelligent financial management could include strategies for wealth accumulation.

Human – Even in times of bots and online chats there should be the possibility to communicate with humans. Here, too, there is potential for outstanding customer service by extended use of AI.

Extendable - Customizable UX, APIs

Social – Connect in s secure way with all kind of social media.

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  1. Real Time- to make transactions as real time as banks and governments will allow.

2.Intelligence- to have branches of my app connected as well as possible to assure communication on an appropriate level

  1. Contextual- to make sure the value of my app is meaningful to my customers

4.Human- to have easy access to human tech support

5.Extenable- to allow multiple points of partner access, which will extend the reach of use through my app

  1. Social- forums and 1 on 1 discussions forming an entity as opposed to just a service app
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