Assignment - Case Studies

  • Share some information about your favorite Fintech. What are they doing and where are they active? Motivate why they are your favorite fintech.

My favorite fintech is Transferwise. They do what they say, transfer money, in a really wise manner. This means: 1) a very very user-friendly interface 2) Complete information on each step (for example: credit, commission cost, remaining credit after transfer, all clearly stated) 3) extremely competitive commissions 4) a customer service always available and easy to contact 5) a complete range of possible ways to transfer money (some countries for example allow to wire money into credit cards, and they have the service) 6) I would also add they avoid any “off-topic” service. A really great fintech and an example to follow, in my humble opinion.


Monese, I recently moved to a different country, but due to complex KYC and for strange reasons, the bank would not give me an account.

The KYC laws tend to go into a loop if you aren’t part of the bank’s average customer, e.g.

  1. You need an address to open an account.
  2. To get an address you need an account that the landlord can link to.
  3. repeat steps 1 and 2 in an infinite loop.

Monese only required a selfie and a photo of my passport, within 10minutes my account was open.

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Good old paypal :slight_smile:

The trust level of this behemoth is crazy.

There is no fintech I trust better than them.

The story of being founded by the 2 geniuses, Elon Musk & Peter Thiel, that in itself plays a big role in the image of the company at least in my mind.


My favorite fintech is by far Revolut which I have been using from 2017, but as Gustaf has already covered it during the course, I feel like it would not do justice if I covered it once again. In that case, I will focus on my second most used fintech incentives users to open accounts with their credit card money back program and smoothly introduces them to their platform. Then introduces them to the crypto world and lets them easily manage their portfolio. As they are one of the bigger projects, they are more trusted, and people believe them more what brings more people and causes a domino effect.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Good customer support (they get back to you within a day)
  • Money-back on purchases.
  • All-in-one crypto investment app for an average investor.


  • It doesn’t bundle other popular or more traditional finance services as transfers, savings account, and stock investing. It would be preferable if they would become an all-in-one investment app connecting the traditional world with crypto.

My favourite fintech in Vietnam could be Timo because (1) really user-friendly interface (2) transparent information about how much I transfers, remaining balance, fee (if any) (4) Fees transferring between domestic accounts is zero (4) great visualization about accounts

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I never did a deep dive in Fin Tech so far. In the Netherlands everything is organized quite well what is not the case all around the world. I think with the central digitical currency that is coming I think the Fin Tech world will change very fast. Because with the adoption of DEFI/crypto currencies and central digital currencies a lot of things will change I think. One thing that I learned:

  • if you don’t hold your keys for crypto it is not your money same for gold/silver etc (so always watch out with using a middle man for holding it)
  • the middle man really needs to have added value most of the processes will be fully automated with AI in the future.

And last but not least also in this area “TRUST”. Do I trust the company to hold/use my money.


(Financial technology… vintage); but ya i think :thought_balloon: my best one :point_up: i have atm would be my Node to wallet .like .A.I. it will change the way we trust computers :computer:… so do we trust computer :woman_technologist:t2: atm not as much as we would like to … as for .A.I. like Sophia the robot :robot:… so much different fintech like mmmm . a credit card :credit_card: old school… word of advice never :-1:t4: borrow off a bank :bank:…just buy ur own coins 🪙.n rough out this lil storm :umbrella:.much love n respect.from :canada: i’m native like indian so i don’t share there hate …:iphone:pay in bits

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There’s no absolute favorite fintech app, however, to name a few would be:
Revolut - for fx payments, current account etc app - fiat, crypto rewards debit card, cross-border payments, eCommerce, trading, and much more
BlockFi - lending/borrowing/interest account/trading/credit card


FinTech companies’ refer to businesses that apply technology to traditional financial activities. This innovative approach to finance typically uses the internet and computing to automate insurance, banking, investing, accounting and so much more.
My favourite:

Who they are: The simple way for customers to grow their money like the world’s most sophisticated investors.

What they do differently: Smart investing, without the high fees and account minimums associated with traditional investment management.

How they can improve your finances: Grow your money with a personalized portfolio designed for your goals – without minimums, lock-ins, or penalties.

Favourite feature
Set up time:** Under 15 minutes, with funds invested in as little as 48 hours.


One of my favorite FinTech companies would be Celsius. They offer several different services which include earning interest/rewards on assets, lending/borrowing, as well as buying/selling/transferring funds and crypto assets. It offers a user-friendly experience that is accessible to anyone familiar with computer/mobile applications. This serves as an easy bridge for someone less familiar with the cryptocurrency ecosystem into the easy use of these digital assets. It also serves as a relatively safe and secure way for those who want to hold their crypto assets to earn passive income on them.


Transferwise is my pick.
I have been using them the past 3 years in all my travelling and they have a simple and cheap and needed service - to transfer funds (almost instantly) across multiple currencies at the cheapest rate. The UX is easy to use also.


Celsius is one of my favourites,
They are active in Europe.
One thing I really liked about them was how they humanised and simplified the whole blockchain usage.
Its so interesting


My favorite fintech is Tikkie (Dutch Fintech firm).

This app allows you to share expensen among your friends. For example: if you go out for a dinner with 4 friends and 1 person pays for everybody, that person can send through WhatsApp a Tikkie to the others to pay their share. I know this sounds cheap but is normal in The Netherlands. In English, there is even an expression for it: going Dutch. Everybody pays for his share. I like it. This Tikkie app is really good because it understands the Dutch culture. Tikkie is compatible with almost all Dutch banks, therefore, it is widely adopted.


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  • Share some information about your favorite Fintech. What are they doing and where are they active? Motivate why they are your favorite fintech.

Paypal. It was the first fintech I encountered without knowing it was actually fintech which allowed me to transact worldwide without the exorbitant fees that modern bank typically charge.


My favorite fintech is Revolut. I have been a customer for over 2 years. The only point I find really annoying is their curiosity where my funds come from. However, I understand that they have to comply with “anti-money-laundering laws”. Apart from that, Revolut is ideal to make money transfers all over the world, free and quick. I appreciate particularly the possibility to hold and spent different currencies, interchange them at good rates and and make instant transfers to other Revolut clients. They have more perks, like health and travel insurance, access to VIP lounges. The latter two only in the upgraded pay version.


Celsius Network is my favorite so far. It provides high interest for passive income. The CEO is an accomplished entrepreneur and will lead this company very far. The company is so very transparent. New features are to be added in 2021, such as swap.

  • Share some information about your favorite Fintech. What are they doing and where are they active? Motivate why they are your favorite fintech.

For me it’s Sbanken in Norway. They are the first bank I can recall in Norway that enabled zero fee payments in Norway. They are earning their revenue through loaning and investing services at least. Maybe more also. They are active in Norway and are a popular bank. I have not heard of any huge dissatisfied customers. The UI is super IMHO.


I’m with Hugo, Reza and BTC on this one, Celsius is great. I can see them as my main bank in the future, using API connection to fiat bank system for cash tx.

It would be a real game changer to be able to deposit fiat currencies in CEL or something like it to earn decent interest rates. Make the conversion to and from stablecoin automatic for customers. It would open up the market to the less technically inclined population.


*Share some information about your favorite Fintech. What are they doing and where are they active? Motivate why they are your favorite fintech.

My favourite Fintech by far is Celsius because they allow you to earn substantial % gains on your cryptocurrency assets, or take out cost-minimised loans against these assets (0% APY in UK with no early repayment charges) & thereby also contribute towards industry growth by locking up assets & “reducing” sell-side liquidity on exchanges (not totally “removing”, as Borrowers include established exchanges & this mitigates lending risk).

In terms of interest income, no other companies give as much revenue back to their users (80% of total), also achieved through organic community growth & in this way Alex Mashinsky’s leading Cefi & crypto-native peertopeerlending & Fintech giant are arguably more decentralised in terms of their “ownership” than your standard Defi player: an 80% rev-share is unique.

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