Assignment 4: Create a smart contract with Unibright Framework

@foon oh great! thanks, will try it :slight_smile:

Its happen to me sometime but later try try again, then its works out for me
NOW The problem i have is my certificate not arrive in my email

this is my smart contract generated with Unibright Framework

Hi Ruud,

It’s me again, I tried many times to register at Unibright Framework, but always being rejected ( Simply the system is rejecting my various applications).

Is it my fault, do I make something wrong?

If so please to correct me.

cc: @RuudHuisman @ivan @muradawad @RealCryptoQueen

I was able to register; no problems at all.

Try creating a password that has both Upper/Lower/Symbols; make sure its 8 characters or more

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My Unibright Demo SC address: 0x8f92620E9a4095D99970C307F0d4d44483eB656b

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I tried many many times from my yahoo email. It did not worked, then I tried trough my iCloud email address, it worked, maybe the problem is with yahoo e-mail?

If you still face registration problem, than try to register through a different e-mail address, in my case it was

Good luck.

My contract address:


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Smart contract with the Unibright Workflow Designer framework


This is my smart contract generated with Unibright Framework.

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my contract…

when I tried to approve (by adding the accept code in the email subject to [email protected]), I got some error about insufficient balance. I am curious to know more about owners of the contract etc in when one builds using this wizard thanks

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My smart contract utilizing the Unibright Framework


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same with me, but seemed to approve anyways.

Here is my contract:

My smart contract generated with Unibright Framework

  • Workflow Instance

  • TitlecompPurchase

  • Statusapproved

  • ID00001

  • Blockchain address0xcadd5ff5370e3033ebeddde3432367eeb7bdac94

  • Approval Date2020-10-25 20:53:41

For the ones who are experiencing some troubles creating a demo account, try using an uppercase letter, a number and a special character like a question mark. That will do the job.

Contract Address

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 8.54.54 PM

Not allowing registration.