Assignment 3: Integration Challenge & Use Case

Write down three challenges in the field of business integration and write down an example.


Implementation of new technology, making this new technology simple to understand so consumers can use it, and having everyone on the same page - knowing what to buy, hiring new staff, where everything goes, managing everything.

If ANZ were to integrate blockchain technology (which they are atm with Libra), they will need to get blockchain staff to help explain to everyone else what is happening and why it’s happening. ANZ will also need to find a way to seamlessly add it into existing infrastructure without causing the system to have an vulnerable points. But before all of this, they will need to check whether it is saving time and money, otherwise there is no reason to move to blockchain technology in the first place.

Three challenges in the field of business integration are:

  1. Control Flow
  2. Changing requirements
  3. Data Integrity

Example: During a shipping process if some decision has been changed along the process then there is a change in the process flow. This is called the control flow.

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Data integrity
Data silos
Data control

Example: Providing valid data between different data silos in a controlled environment.

  1. Message exchanges
  2. Data integrity
  3. Technical integrity

When a company uses different software architecture and sub-system. Baseline integrate these systems by optimizing the company’s IT base business processes allowing different systems to automatically communicate with one another.

Data extracted from different vendor’s system will be ensured independency and integrity and provided with a common front-end and standardized queries.


Quick question in regards to the concept of The Baseline Protocol. Is my 10,000 feet in the air framework of the protocol correct?

Baseline Protocol runs beside the Ethereum public blockchain allowing businesses to utilize the features they want from a public blockchain, but then running alongside of Ethereum we have the private blockchain allowing the company to utilize the benefits that a private chain offers, and Unibright ties all this together.

Three challenges of business integration in regards to The Baseline Protocol:

  1. Notifications
  2. Control Flow
  3. Changing Requirements

“Notifications” A challenge for business integration with multiple systems is that some notifications can slip through the cracks upon integrating all of the systems. So it is important to track the notifications and make sure that everyone who needs to be notified of specific notifications to make sure they are aware.

For successfull business integration of your processes some of the challenges are :
-Different type of systems that need to be linked , the so called data silo’s
-A solution that is low code, every body in the enterprise should be able to create a workflow in the business integration tool (unibright/baseline protocol).
-A solution that enables an easy switch between a smart contract Blockchain, for example if hypothetically Cardano takes over Etheriums position in the field
-A solution that is affordable for all kinds of companies, also the smaller businesses
who do not have major IT budgets.

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1 Notification
2 Control flow
3 Data Integrity
For example, in multi-party approval for accepting the order, all approval emails have to be sent.

Some of the challenges:

  1. very different type’s of systems need to be linked (maybe hundreds or thousands, in the case of a single vineyard)
  2. Some solution that makes int easy to change between different blockchains, if Ethereum price gets too high and Eth 2.0 is very late to arrive, then congestions and high costs may occur.
  3. In the same line as 2, the budget limitations of small companies, even though small companies have less ERP systems, it could be prohibitive given small companies smaller budgets for IT systems.


  1. Messaging
  2. Security
  3. Cost Estimate

re: Cost Estimate
How would the UBT token be quoted as needed when trying to implement the system with a new company? Are there a certain amount of tokens needed or is it more so based on the market value of UBT? With price rising, will less UBT be needed for a company to run on Unibright?

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Confidence in the new technology by staff knowing that when they send a quote that the potential purchaser has:
a) received the quote.
b) understands the quoting system.
c) how to respond to any variables.
d) understands how to reply to the quote for confirmation.
e) confidence in the purchaser not putting the quote in the too hard basket and use methods that they are used to.
f)understand the benefits of using the new blockchain system compared to the old system and how this will improve the whole process.
g) changed dynamics when the order is in shipment.
h) confirmation and confidence once the shipment has arrived at its destination.
i) the payment process

The salesman makes a sale and puts the order in only to find out that the product is out of stock as he has no real time data to check availability. He then have to find out from various departments on the length of time, From there he would go back to the customer and would only be able to give a rough eta. With a baseline protocol solution this would be avoided and would change the whole nature of the business enterprise
ERP would fix this to a point but however would not incorporate all the benefits of the baseline protocol solutions.

Hello Ruud and baseline course team,

When I explore GitHub I only see two examples: bri-1 and radish34. I don’t see erp-connector-proxy. Could you help me with this example please ? Where can I find it ?

Thank you


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Assignment 3: Integration Challenge & Use Case

  1. State Management
  2. Data Integrity
  3. Technical Integrity

Example: the silo structure of companies with their own data, technology and processes. Only reports are shared after a lot of bureaucratic time between them.


Three Challenges in the field of business integration

  1. Information control and access due to silo information approach.
    2.Upgradation , Scalabity .
    3.Right staff for the job .

eg In smart city data management the information collected in utility services , tranportation and property management is stored in different silos and correlational of data is missing . This is a hurdle in business integration and increase the operation cost .

Now if we want to bring all departments in one platform by using blockchain then the staffs are to be hired for blockchain . The blockchain experts will work with domain experts to find the solution for working on single platform which both time and money is needed.
The other solution is to get Blockchain As A Service (BaAS) eg Ubright

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Control flow
Transaction data.


  1. Technical integrity
  2. Data integrity
  3. Security

Example: Inside a insurance company they manage the clients information with multiple databases with different softwares. When they need to integrate all the data into just one database they have problems of compatibility and duplicated cases.

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  1. Different users using different systems that are not always compatible with each other.
  2. Sharing data with trusted parties securely
  3. Allowing other parties to verify information without giving them access to certain parts of that information
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Three challenges in the field of business integration would be; Message exchanging /Notifications, Control Flow and Data Integrity.

An example in respects to Data Integrity, keeping track of where all info goes. Typically in a 3rd part silo. Baselining with Unibright allow automated Baseline protocols maintaining system records on the Blockchain.

Write down three challenges in the field of business integration and write down an example.

  1. Supply chains in different countries, different languages, different softwares and databases.
  2. Access to all the companies involved in this environment and get the trust from management and IT.
  3. Distribution of responsibilities and costs to all parties.

In the trucking business for auto parts in Mexico, need to get a lot of big and small parties to collaborate and integrate to optimize delivery and costs.

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