Assignment 2: Persuade your CEO to switch from Hyperledger (R3 Corda/Quorum) to Baseline Protocol

Dear CEO,

Our business adoption of hyperledeger has allowed us to innovate ahead of our competitors, yet it has come to my attention that some of our needs could be further served by integration of the Baseline Protocol for a more comprehensive approach to our enterprise needs.

The implementation of the Basline Protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain, would allow the company to streamline and automate both internal and external suppliers who would themselves also benefit from an integrated distributed network, creating a win, win collaboration.

The Baseline Protocol would provide a strong comprehensive ERP foundation including:

  • 24/7 pay-per-use frame of reference
  • Keeps enterprise data in traditional record systems
  • enables complex and private inter-organization business process automation
  • Allows for additional functionalities capabilitiles such as asset tokenization and DeFi use cases
  • Provides transparent governance, a platform position to become an industry standard
  • It prevents undesired purchase order changes
  • Prevents discrepancies between the supplier and purchaser
  • Allows smaller enterprises without ErP software to easily integrate by removing technical and cost barriers.

Please see the following article for further explanation of the Coca Cola Bottling chain’s adoption of Unibright and the baseline protocol to streamline and integrate their enterprise processes.

The diagram below outlines the scope and use cases of Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda R3.

I’d be happy to further explain the cutting edge possibilities the Baseline Protocol provides any time.

Best Regards,

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Baseline Protocol

Dear CEO,

I’ve been reflecting on the recent board meeting. We were all encouraged by the third-quarter revenue numbers and the improving forecast for the year. The stabilization of our gross margin, despite the price cuts, speaks well of your latest cost reduction initiatives. On the whole, I think we can safely assume we’ve weathered the current storm. However, while we can all be grateful for the recent signs of an upturn in our performance, I suspect the next year or two will hold many challenges.

In the last several years, a lot of companies have been playing around with blockchain – from small niche startups to giant corporations. When it comes to enterprises, blockchain has been met with skepticism, and maybe rightfully so. Companies have been hesitant to introduce blockchain to their operations – they risk leaking sensitive data, require sophisticated setup, and require joining a common network, to even yield the first meaningful results. Although quite a lot of privacy and user experience advancements, blockchain is still a hard sell to the enterprise.

The Baseline Protocol is an open-source initiative that combines the power of cryptography, peer-to-peer networking, and DLT in order to allow enterprises to deliver secure and private business processes at a low cost. The devil is in the details though, so in this article, we will clear out the following aspects of The Baseline Protocol:


The Baseline Protocol is an open-source initiative aimed at the synchronization of private business processes, like document exchange, via a public blockchain. It leverages cryptography techniques like zero-knowledge proofs and signatures, peer-to-peer messaging protocols, and the blockchain to achieve its goals.

On one hand, it is designed with confidentiality, privacy, and data security in mind. The mixture of technologies is aligned in such a way that none of your sensitive data is leaked. This data stays safely with you and your counter-parties. Outsiders looking in will not know what process is being executed, who are the actors, or what goods are exchanged.

On the other hand, the protocol is designed with complex interactions in mind. Inter-company business processes involve many stops and checks and are never straightforward. The protocol will allow you to describe and accommodate your business process however complex it is.

The Baseline protocol uses an always-on public blockchain network (currently Ethereum main net) to keep the parties synchronized and following the rules. Through the use of cryptography, the sensitive data never leaves your internal storage place, while both sides are guaranteed to follow the rules through the use of zero-knowledge proofs. The data exchange only happens in an encrypted peer-to-peer manner on a need-to-know basis. This way, The Baseline Protocol allows you to have the security of your data while still being sure that all the parties involved in the process are always in sync

The Baseline Protocol can be split into several distinct phases.

The first phase is a peer-to-peer exchange of documents. In this phase, the parties interacting secretly exchange the documents that will govern their further work. In the Radish34 use case, these are the RFQ and Proposal.

The second phase is called “Baselining a document”. In this phase, a proof is generated that the business process was followed and is sent to the blockchain. In order for this information to be private, the terms of the business process are written into a zero-knowledge cryptographical construct called a circuit. Imagine the circuit as the process definition in code.

When a document is being baselined, a zero-knowledge proof is generated and fed into the business process circuit. The zero-knowledge proof gives away no data, but through the circuit, one can be sure that the business process rules were followed.

In the case of agreeing on a contract, the business process rules are simple – “have the two parties signed.” Software developers can design much more complex rules and circuits accommodating for more complex scenarios. If the proof successfully passes all the checks, it is stored on the blockchain as an immutable reference point between the two companies.

In short we need to upgrade, and I definitely feel the time is now ripe for our company to push ahead of our competitors by utilising Baseline Protocol in our business model.

I am excited to discuss this with you in more detail and look at the way we can integrate this protocol.

With warm regards,

J tzong

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Hyperledger V Baseline Protocol

Privacy on-chain
H: Personalised blockchain service
B: Zero-Knowledge proofs

Privacy off-chain
H: Permissioned and private transactions with the use of channels
B: Storage and distributed identity

H: Limitless
B: As fast as Ethereum/blockchain speed

H: Open-source, authorisation of all involved parties or addresses
B: As above, adopts a microservices-based architecture

Hosting demands
H: Set up full stack of enterprise node
B: Minimal hardware required

Decentralised trust
H: Small number of nodes
B: Ethereum/blockchain nodes

H: Price fixed by host/provider
B: Smaller players pay/use on each activity

H: Not possible
B: Possible

H: Unavailable
B: Available as middleware to enable communication and data management

H: Available
B: Available

Baseline Protocol is the real game changer!

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Dear CEO,

I am writing regarding the blockchain solutions that we implemented last year. For sure, the Hyperledger Fabric has made our life easier in terms of integrating the databases and collaborating between different departments. However, I would like to discuss how to move it a step further.

As you may know, our members still do not have access to the full record of their activity and especially to financial info as that would create privacy issue. Fortunately, recently I came across another breakthrough solution that could address the needs of both - public and private blockchain. This is Baseline Protocol powered by Unibright.

Using Baseline we can achieve both - on and off chain privacy with transactions visible only to defined parties. It is called Zero-Knowledge Proof, which is a technique where an entity or approver with private data provides a verifiable proof to a verifier that certain property holds true for that data without revealing any additional information.

Moreover, baseline offers high performance and scalability of data computation. It enables complex, private, inter-organizational business process automation, while still keeping enterprise data in traditional systems of record.

What is really exciting - Baseline also offers tokenizing and DeFi products. As some of our members are also stockholders – we can think whether it would be better to offer them a token as a replacement of their capital stock in future.

Last but not least, Baseline offers pay-per-use as a payment method (not a subscription), which is perfect solution for small businesses, such as our enterprise.

I really encourage that we try to implement baseline protocol to improve our procedures and enhance profitability. Feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting where I can explain it in more details.


Dear CEO
I have been following the Ivan on Tech training and came to know that Baseline fits better to our existing environment compared to Hyperledger.
The main advantages it combines the best from both worlds private and public blockchain.
Especially in the area’s as tokenization, Decentralized finance and sensitive data.
Let’s discus this in our next meeting.

In Brief it is essential that we take on Baseline protocol and the Hyperledger ; since it is the new innovative way to access both the private and public aspects of the blockchain, without leaving sensitive data on the chain since some of our activity is compatible with being public and others are not to be public.
With the capacity to access both public and private sides of this new blockchain ,we would position ourselves at the innovative forefront and remain ahead of our competitors for years while they grasp at things too late.
I have a very keen interest in this new technology and would very wish to be part of the roll out of this technology…as challenging as it may be.
It is what Internet was 30 years ago and to remain ignorant of the potential it’s usage can bring, is to lose out on a lot of money making business potential.

After last episodes i can see even more and more use cases for my business to integrate Baseline Protocol and there are plenty of features which would make business much better.
I’m sure that i’m going to connect with Unibright and look out for collaboration.

Very welcome to connect!

As we already discussed during our last meeting where we already decided that Blockchain is the way to go - I will now explain why we should switch to Baseline Protocol.
For our company there are only to ways to implement Blockchain technologies - either private (e.g. Hyperledger) or Baseline Protocol (“hybrid” btw public and private Blockchain).
Public Blockchain we can totally dismiss for our company as already agreed in our meeting.
From the todays technology point of view Baseline is the way for us to go.
With Baseline we can connect our ERP to the Ethereum Mainnet and can issue Smart Contracts with our Business Partners - even if they do not have any IT systems which we have.
So our SAP can speak in a very fast and user friendly way with the ERP of our supply provider.
off-chain and on-chain privacy is given with Baseline. We can trust the network and do not trust the nodes which we have to announce in a private Blockchain. It is truly decentralised and it will only be paied-per-use. An important point for the future will be the possibility of tokenization and DeFi as well as the transparent B2C scenarios and the private B2B scenarios we can use in future.
As there are already frameworks/apps which allow the use of Baseline in a very user friendly and low-code way (eg. Unibright) we do not need to employ special Blockchain developpers.
Cost cuts and time efficiency will be a sure fact after implementation.

Dear CEO,

Currently our company is using Hyperledger. I have done some research comparing Hyperledger to Baseline protocol. I recommend switching to Baseline Protocol due to the following advantages:

  • Better fit for B2C use cases due to on-chain and off-chain privacy features
  • Better fit for DeFi use cases due to tokenizing features
  • One party (Prover) can provide proof that a specific statement is true to the another party (Verifier) without disclosing any additional information using a feature called Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP).
  • Unibright is available to help us with our ERP integration


FROM: DrDeFifi
DATE: 6/12/2020

Upgrading company’s current private blockchain hyperledger solution.

This memo gives consideration to the benefits of switching from the company’s private blockchain solution to the Baseline Protocol.

While the company has benefitted greatly from the implementation of private blockchain solutions in regards to privacy and security, we do still have limitations and constrictures.

The Baseline Protocol offers the best solution in combining the features of private and public blockchain

  • Increased and fully adaptable privacy transactions visible only to defined parties
  • Fast calculation and computation
  • High performance - large number of transactions processed quickly and securely
  • Transparent scenarios

We do not currently have all of these features on our private blockchain and Baseline protocol will combine the features available on a public blockchain whilst enhancing privacy through zero knowledge proof, enabling no third party access to sensitive data. Unibright can handle the connectivity from existing systems to Baseline Protocol seamlessly.

I recommend that we initiate the Baseline Protocol, it will enhance GDPR adherence and is a pay per use functionality.

Yours Sincerely


To: Mrs. CEO
From: Babydylz
Subject: Switching to Baseline Protocol
Date: 13/19/1767

Dear Mrs CEO,

I am writing to you to discuss the benefits of switching from our private blockchain to Baseline Protocol. The private blockchain that we use is valuable to data tracking within our company. The benefits of using a private blockchain include data privacy, permissioning, performance and scalability. However, some of the disadvantages of using the private blockchain are concerning data immutability and internal silos of information.

Switching to Baseline Protocol for our blockchain system is advantageous in that the blockchain will be built on a more decentralised, and robust, network, which offers more security for our transaction data. With Baseline, we can integrate the public-network blockchain with our internal data management systems to eliminate silos of information, while maintaining off-chain data privacy. Baseline is also suitable for various Business-To-Business and Business-To-Customer information sharing and offers interesting possibilities for customer engagement by tokenization and DeFi integration.

Additionally, with Baseline we can be sure of the privacy of our important transaction information using Zero-Knowledge Proof.

I encourage you to consider the benefits that our company can gain by switching to Baseline Protocol. Feel free to let me know if you have questions and would like to discuss the matter further.

Kindest Regards,

In Brief it is essential that we take on Baseline protocol and the Hyperledger ; since it is the new innovative way to access both the private and public aspects of the blockchain, without leaving sensitive data on the chain since some of our activity is compatible with being public and others are not to be public.
With the capacity to access both public and private sides of this new blockchain ,we would position ourselves at the innovative forefront and remain ahead of our competitors for years while they grasp at things too late. Whilst using public and private Blockchain it shows our company being not only technology advanced but also being trustworthy and open to new ways of making revenue.

Subject: Why Switching from the Hyperledger to the Baseline Protocol would benefit the company.
Date: 12/13/2020


I am glad that we improved many things in the company when we switched over to the Hyperledger technology. But what I would like to present to you today is something that can improve our companies privacy not just for us but also the consumers. We don’t want our customer information to be sold off to other companies but we also want to keep using the blockchain technology.

So I would like to present to you the Baseline Protocol. With this type of technology we would be able to have the same technology as the Hyperledger plus more. We would have Privacy on-chain, Privacy off-chain, Performance, Auth-features, Hosting demands, Decentralized trust, and its Zero-Knowledge Proof.

One of the great features to offer is the Zero-Knowledge Proof is an easy way for one party to prove a certain party has an amount of something without verifying the exact information. Just basing it on a true or false without disclosing anything addition.

I hope you take the time to consider the Baseline Protocol for our company and thank you for your time.


Dear CEO,

I am taking this opportunity to write to you to show you the benefits your company will have transitioning to baseline protocol.

As compared to other enterprise level blockchain systems like Hyperledger, Corda etc… baseline protocol combines the best of both worlds in the blockchain space i.e privacy and connectivity. It does achieve the most robust privacy system by the use of ‘Zero Knowloedge Proofs’ technique which doesn’t require the transacting parties to reveal sensitive information on the blockchain but still perform the transaction successfully.

In terms of connectivity, and that’s amongst the key features, you won’t need to change all your existing ERP/CRM systems, so you still have your internal system but with the baseline protocol, which by the use of a ‘connector’ that gets your existing system ready for the blockchain, in other words a ‘Plug and Play’ feature, and this also sets your company in the Ethereum Mainnet ecosystem where you can benefit from many other features like tokenization of your assets, decentralized finance applications (DeFi) and other future improvements.

I’ve attached a chart of comparison for baseline compared to legacy systems, you can have a look and share it with your IT/technical team so they can research about it.

Implementing baseline protocol now is an important move for a company that wants to have the best that blockchain technology has to offer currently and also for the future.

Feel free to get in touch with me, it would be a great pleasure to help in the transitioning process.

Thanks for your concern.

Best Regards,

To: Douglas McMillon, CEO, Walmart Inc
From: K. Jacks
Date: December 15, 2020
Re: Baseline Protocol Middleware

We have seen great success with adding Hyperledger’s distributed ledger technology to our systems. I suggest we now integrate Baseline Protocol’s middleware. Here’s why:
-We have the freedom to use sensitive information on or off chain. Adding much needed flexibility not available with Hyperledger.
-It works with public blockchain as well as private.
-Maximizes tamper resistance, while minimizing surveillance
-Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), cryptography makes transacting private and secure.
-Pay per use (with UBT) ensures we only pay for what we need.
-B2C, transparency focused transacting
-B2B, privacy focused transacting
-Blockchain agnostic and cross chain operability, leaving the door open to expanding to other blockchains or changing blockchains entirely

In summary, Baseline Protocol is the logical next step in our corporation’s growth, providing cutting edge performance, scalability and privacy.

Mr. President,

As of my current understanding of baseline protocol, I suggest we wait. From my knowledge gathered , I believe this protocol to be too early in its stages to integrate along with our systems. It seem like another attempt to monopolize a technology that has not been fully understood. In my personal opinion, baseline protocol is filled with too many gaps and complexity which I think will lead into confusion and unnecessary expense. Blockchain technology was in part created for its transparency, baseline protocol seems to be another attempt from corporations to monetize thru open source. I personally believe we should continue with Hyperledger at this time.

Javier Flores

Subject: Switch from Hyperledger to Baseline Protocol
Dear CEO,
Last time i gave a mail regarding faster and realtime use in our Vendor items supply to customers.
Regarding the same topic i want you to look Baseline protocols also which is having competitive advantage over other protocols like Hyperledger.
As we are expanding our business in various horizons we should look for overall development of company by unifying the procols thoughout different subsidiary like Finance, Retails, construction, Defence projects.
This ways different persons in our organisation can work faster in different business units.

Below are the highlights:

  1. Baseline is working on different secured networks like EOS, Etherum and the Unibright team is expanding the devlopment to other secure networks as well.
  2. Baseline also specialized in tokenizing & DeFi, allowing enterprise to build our own decentralized DeFi products on their protocol which is beneficial for out finance business unit.
  3. Baseline protocol works on Zero Knowledge Proof which is required for our defence project which top grade security.
  4. It process large number of transactions processed quickly and securely
  5. It can be works in On chain and offchain.
    I hope some of these benefits will provide growth in business in upcoming years which saving time and money.
    I am excited to discuss further on this for more details and posibillity in different business units.


Just a quick follow up on our last conversation regarding a systems upgrade.
Have you put anymore thought into my consideration or maybe you have further questions regarding the procedure or maybe timeframes for the protocol to go live?
If not I have included for more information to help you better understand the benefits of the companies decision to move forward.

With integration of blockchain technology we will now have an edge over our competitors giving us an unfair advantage regarding communications with our clients and suppliers. Baseline protocol provides the means for hosting b2b & b2c demands while providing a private layer solution. Blockchain adoption in 2021 will be the major shift moving towards a more digital economy, as we continue, this company will already be in position after taking action today by pivoting into this technology. Our competition will be operating on traditional legacy based systems, while our setup will already have the quantum boost needed to manage our day to day, more efficiently and with more effect. Our operations will increase productivity with the ability to expand our market into countries already using this technology thus providing more opportunity to create revenue.
I look forward to our next meeting and hope we can come to an agreement so I can get started.

Thank you


After seriously reading all this I needed that thx…lol