Assignment 2: Persuade your CEO to switch from Hyperledger (R3 Corda/Quorum) to Baseline Protocol

After watching the last episodes, find a company (maybe even your own) where they make use of a private blockchain.

Write another memo for the director of that project to convince him to switch to Baseline Protocol. (One page)


Date: 6th Oct 2020
To: Mark, CEO, Innovation Dept.
From: Neeraj, R&D.
Subject: Switching to Baseline Protocol

Hyperledger has proven our company to be efficient in privacy on-chain, performance and B2B needs, and we have seen the same in the reports of this year. To my understanding, it still lacks in the categories of hosting demands, decentralized trust and B2C needs.

I suggest switching to Baseline Protocol as you see the advantages of it in the following areas.

  1. Privacy on-chain (HL - 1, BP - 0.5)
  2. Privacy off-chain (HL - 0.5, BP - 1)
  3. Performance (HL - 1, BP - 0.5)
  4. Auth-features (HL - 0.5, BP - 1)
  5. Hosting demands (HL - 0, BP - 0.5)
  6. Decentralized trust (HL - 0, BP - 1)
  7. Pay-per-use (HL - 0, BP - 0.5)
  8. Suits DeFi (HL - 0, BP - 1)
  9. Suits B2C (HL - 0, BP - 1)
  10. Suits B2B (HL - 1, BP - 1)

Baseline scores 8 of that compared to the Hyperledger score of 4.

Baseline Protocol combines the best of both worlds of public and private blockchains, and I strongly recommend to switch to help our company grow to new heights.



Dear, Bruce,

With integration of Blockchain technology, you now have an edge that will enhance your performance over your competitors. However, you are only able to choose from either private blockchain technology or public blockchain technology at the moment, and this can be a problem if you want to use the features of both fields. Baseline Protocol provides a solution where you are able to access the public blockchain uses (decentralised pay-per-use, decentralised finance, decentralised trust, hosting demands, B2B and B2C), on top of the private blockchain uses (privacy on-chain, privacy off-chain, performance, and auto-features). With both fields fully accessible on demand, you and your company will outperform the competition, essentially grasping the industry and consumers at will.

Kind regards,


Advantages of Baseline over the Hyperledger
The Baseline Protocol has some distinct advantages over the Hyperledger in the areas of allowing the tokenization of business outputs and Decentralized Finance(defi), decentralized trust issues.
Enables confidential and complex collaboration between businesses by not leaving sensitive data on-chain
Employs the Ethereum public mainnet which is accessible 24/7
The sharing of information through zero knowledge proof will assist in the provision with suppliers for such things as requests, proposals, purchase orders, delivery, invoices, automated payments and making the process easier for smaller suppliers to integrate with the network.


DATE: 7/10/2020

Presenting an alternative to the company’s current private blockchain solution.

This memo outlines the benefits of switching from the company’s private blockchain solution to the Baseline Protocol.

While the company has benefitted greatly from the implementation of private blockchain solutions in regards to privacy and security, we have seen a number of limitations. Combining some of the features that private and public blockchains have to offer, without compromising the features of one over the other, would be in our best interest and is now possible.

The Baseline Protocol offers the best of both worlds:

  • Privacy on- and off-chain with transactions visible only to defined parties

  • Fast and scalable privacy computation

  • High performance - large number of transactions processed quickly and securely

  • Transparency focused B2C scenarios - e.g. customers’ track and trace on the blockchain

  • Privacy focused B2C scenarios - e.g.selected parties allowed in the company network

Public and private blockchains both offer solutions to different needs. The Baseline Protocol offers the combination of both approaches by adding features we could use, while removing the limitations we’ve experienced by working only through our private blockchain.

I highly recommend that we look into the Baseline Protocol and start building on it to expand company solutions. Important to keep in mind is that Baseline offers pay-per-use, which suites us perfectly as a smaller company.


DATE: 7/10/2020
TIME: 10:45

Baseline protocol is the only option; because of it’s zero knowledge proof.

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I am very excited to share with you a new development in the blockchain space with regards to enterprise resource planning (ERP). As part of my self-development, I’ve recently completed a course Baseline Protocol and Unibright (Blockchain for Enterprise).

Baseline Protocol is founded in March 2020 governed by Ethereum OASIS project, managed by OASIS and funded by Ethereum Foundation and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

Following is a comparison chart of Hyperledger & Baseline Protocol


The chart clearly layout how Baseline Protocol are able to provide solutions to solve issues in both public and private ledger.

More about Baseline Protocol

-One of the unique features of Baseline is Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP). ZKP is an encryption scheme proposed by MIT researchers Silvio Micali, Shafi Goldwasser, and Charles Rackoff in the 1980s. In this method, one party (Prover) can prove that a specific statement is true to the other party (Verifier) without disclosing any additional information.

An example of how ZKP work can be found here.

-Baseline Protocol is a middleware, meaning they provide software that lies between an operating system (Ethereum network) and the applications running on it. Essentially functioning as hidden translation layer, middleware enables communication and data management for distributed applications.

-Baseline also specialized in tokenizing & DeFi, allowing enterprise to build our own decentralized DeFi products on their protocol.

Lastly but not least. Let’s talk about Unibright. In short Unibright is a blockchain integrator. Unibright is a team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration. They turn ideas into businesses, and improve processes with the help of blockchain technology. More about Unibright here.

Thanks for taking time to read my proposal. Looking forward to further discussions and taking our company to greater heights.



Great letter.
Well written.

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Date: 9th Oct 2020
From: Donald Dominko
Subject: Increasing net profit this year

I would like to share a proposal for increasing our company’s net profit by the end of this year.
Currently our business is running Hyperledger which lacks functionality in the DeFi segment. If you could spare five minutes of your time I would like to give you a proposal on how we can implement a use case of DeFi on Baseline protocol and in doing so we could potentially reach out to our existing partners by offering them new set of DeFi services running on Baseline.

Kind regards,
Donald Dominko


Just to clarify. The Public Blockchain in the last lecture comparison would be simply utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain, HyperLedger would be the Private Blockchain column within the comparison and then Baseline Protocol is obviously Baseline column.

October 9, 2020

To: Justin Tocco, CEO Date Center Resources
From: Trevor Bicking, Director of Sales & Client Services
Subject: Moving to The Baseline Protocol to further unlock the benefits of Blockchain Technology


I know we have briefly discussed the need to further unlock the benefits that exist within Blockchain technology in order to maintain and increase DCR’s competitive advantage within the industry.

The main concern that we have touched on is the need to keep some of DCR’s information private and not available for our competitors to uncover through a public blockchain such as Ethereum. So we have been using a private blockchain, HyperLedger in order to keep those transactions private, but we would like some of the benefits that Ethereum offers without compromising our privacy in some situations.

I feel the solution to unlock more of the benefits that we need is to consider utilizing The Baseline Protocol. Below you will find the comparison between Ethereum (Public Blockchain), HyperLedger (Private Blockchain) and The Baseline Protocol. It looks like we can have our Cake and Eat it Too!

Benefit/Feature Ethereum (Public BC) HyperLedger (Private BC) The BASELINE Protocol
Privacy On-Chain 0 1 1/2
Privacy Off-Chain 1/2 1/2 1
Performance 0 1 1/2
Authentication 0 1/2 1
Hosting 1 0 1/2
Truly Decentralized 1 0 1
Pay-Per-Use 1 0 1/2
Suitable for tokenization 1 0 1
and DeFi features
Suitable transparency 1 0 1
focused on B2C
Suitable privacy 0 1 1
focused on B2B
Total (Sum) 5.5 4 8

So as you can see we can get more of the features that we want and less of the features that we don’t want by adopting The Baseline Protocol and getting the best of Public Blockchain and the best of Private Blockchain at the same time.

I am excited to discuss this with you in more detail and look at the way we can integrate this protocol.

Trevor Bicking

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Dear CEO,

The company is actually using the Hyperledger solution and this gave us an edge on the enterprises who do not use this technology yet. But what if I told you the we are still missing out on great opportunities that we did not persue? I’m talking about the Baseline protocol which brings us a greater level of integration of performance, privacy and permissions. Baseline protocol enables us to go into the defi space, improve the B2C and B2B handling.

Do not miss out on this opportunitiy,

I’ll gladly explain you in half an hour how baseline protociol is the future of the company.



Mr. Dinero
CEO SynthaBank
123 Main Suite P101
October 14, 2020
Subject: Baseline Upgrade

Mr. Dinero,

Recently I came across some information that could help propel the company further in the ever-changing world of the financial sector. Since implementing Hyperledger, your company has become more efficient in certain areas of using blockchain, namely, On-Chain Privacy/Performance/B2B. We know that trust between consumers and banks is at an all-time low since interest rates have gone negative and it has begun to affect the reserves they hold with us. What if there was a was to reestablish some of that (trust) trough decentralization?

Baseline Protocol helps us find this solution by allowing Synthabank to implement features that would benefit our consumers. One of the biggest innovations you could push in to the market for clients to use is DeFi, which is not available via Hyperledger. There aren’t many individuals who would go out of their way to learn how to get involved with DeFi and take control of the assets they have available and provide the market with liquidity.

This is where Synthabank can step in and help connect those who have (funds) with those who are looking. You may be wondering how DeFi could be profitable if its basis is to make finance decentralized. Token issuance is the answer to that problem, also available through the Baseline Protocol.

These are only 2 features that could help Synthabank stay ahead of the competition and ADAPT to what the market wants, while still being profitable.

If you’re available to go over this in further detail, let’s set up a date and time to go over the advantages Baseline has over Hyperledger.


Lazaro A.

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Dear CEO,

It is well known that implement Hyperledger Fabric was a very good decision for our business but things move. We are facing an interesting evolution on the Blockchain technology, a new protocol named Baseline powered by UniBright. Related to our supply chain, we have got a lot of issues with transportation activities, we have not properly monitored our transactions between some control points in Asia and Latin America so it is time to analyse other solutions.

In order to preserve DLT, performance and consensus features and reach full off-chain privacy, we have to sacrifice some of on-chain privacy. It is a trade off that will be compensated with other benefits. I am talking about some other Baseline’s characteristics as transparency-focused for B2C an tokenization for integrating DeFi products to our business model. As you can see Baseline is the perfect protocol that combine public and private Blockchains for businesses, we have to dive deep into its possibilities.

I already have some reports with to show you more in detail.

Best Regards


Hello Mr. Sorenson,

I wanted to share vital information on a comparison made with the current Internal Systems of Records “Hyperledger” against a new tech called Baseline Protocol.

Baseline Protocol is a new breakthrough technology.
Its inception was on March 2020, governed by the Ethereum Oasis Project and managed by the Ethereum foundation and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Please see the chart below for comparisons

Although Hyperledgers’s goal is to maintain transparency and accountability and trust between business partners, its abilities are limited.

With Baseline Protocol you eliminate trust. It’s the middle-ware that ties everything together. Uses thousands of nodes that are immutable. Full Privacy off-chain and on-chain, Truly decentralized, pay per use, suitable for tokenization and Defi, suitable for transparency-focused B2C scenarios and sutiable for privacy-fouced B2B scenarios.

Whats more exciting is the Zero-Knowledge Proof which is a technique by which an entity or approver with private data provides a verifiable proof to a verifier that certain property holds true for that data without revealing any additional information other than the truth of the verified property.

In short we need to upgrade, its time we Baseline the business.

Romeo Casper

In Brief it is essential that we take on Baseline protocol and the Hyperledger ; since it is the new innovative way to access both the private and public aspects of the blockchain, without leaving sensitive data on the chain since some of our activity is compatible with being public and others are not to be public.
With the capacity to access both public and private sides of this new blockchain ,we would position ourselves at the innovative forefront and remain ahead of our competitors for years while they grasp at things too late.
I have a very keen interest in this new technology and would very wish to be part of the roll out of this technology…as challenging as it may be.
It is what Internet was 30 years ago and to remain ignorant of the potential it’s usage can bring, is to lose out on a lot of money making business potential.





BRIEF OF THE CASE : Presently our company has implemented private blockchain and have seen its limitations . Using public blockchain is vulnerable to company data though it is truly decentralized and focussed B2B.
The problems and the limitations have been addressed in Baseline protocol which utilizes the both private and public blockchain with complete security to company data.
I had discussion with Ubright team for the application specific to our requirement .They provide enterprise blockchain solutions and its pay per use.
The financial implication is 45% less than the private blockchain .
We should shift to Baseline Protocol which is both operation and cost efficient.


Dear CEO,

I’d like to talk to you about our use of Hyperledger . I have discovered a new protocol called Baseline that I believe would take our business to a whole new level. I understand the great use cases the private blockchain Hyperledger has afforded us and has moved us forward in our business model. Up until this point the privacy, permissioning, the performance, scalability and compliance with regulations has been of great reward. However, there are some things Hyperledger cannot do and that’s where Baseline Protocol comes in.
Baseline Protocol brings both private and public blockchains together. Not just that we can add it to our already existing IT system. Using Ethereum and adding Baseline protocol creates an almost buffet of possibilities. It now gives us privacy on and off-chain. The performance will become second to none being able to tap into Ethereums use cases. Baseline is also suitable for tokenization and decentralized finance. This means we will have access to creating our own token and the many great projects within the DEFI space. Using these tools our system becomes very trustworthy with the number of nodes making it truly decentralized. Trust is the most important aspect of Blockchain Technology. this gives us the ability to have transparent focused B2C scenarios. In turn, it also becomes suitable for privacy-focused B2B scenarios.
Baseline Protocol can accomplish this using it’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) models. These models store information privately whether between exclusive parties in the agreement or customer data. Baseline becomes the middleware that is then added to our IT system. Also using a Unibrite connector it allows us to connect off-chain to on-chain systems. This truly opens up options never available to Enterprise in the past.
Lastly, Baseline Protocol uses what is known as Zero-Knowledge proofs. (ZKP). This means that an entity that has private data can provide proof to a verifier that certain property holds true. It does this while not revealing any additional information not necessary to prove that property holds true. It’s truly revolutionary and only the prover and verifier need be involved.
In summary, i believe Baseline Protocol is the change we have to take to move our business into the new age of technology and stay ahead of the competition. If you have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to find the correct answer.


Troy Maddry

Dear CEO

A year ago we implemented HyperLedger as our blockchain business solution for our distribution services .Although the implementation was beneficial and profitable there has been several short comings, Hyperlegder being very centralized and private limiting access from certain customer the addition of Baseline to our IT would bring t
the benefits of private and public blockchain. Below attached is a SWAT analysis of Hyperledger and Baseline

  1. Privacy on-chain (HL - 1, BP - 0.5)
  2. Privacy off-chain (HL - 0.5, BP - 1)
  3. Performance (HL - 1, BP - 0.5)
  4. Auth-features (HL - 0.5, BP - 1)
  5. Hosting demands (HL - 0, BP - 0.5)
  6. Decentralized trust (HL - 0, BP - 1)
  7. Pay-per-use (HL - 0, BP - 0.5)
  8. Suits DeFi (HL - 0, BP - 1)
  9. Suits B2C (HL - 0, BP - 1)
  10. Suits B2B (HL - 1, BP - 1)

As can be seen by this chart the addition of Baseline will provide the bridge to the public blockchain that will provide our services to a wider customer base by opening up our access. the following diagram also demonstrates the benefits of using Baseline as a bridge.

image .

I am available to discuss the future implementation of Baseline within our IT infrastructure at your earliest convenience.
Jean Langlais
Director It infrastructure

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Date: 20-10-2020
To: SB
From: JB
Subject Switch to Baseline Protocol

I would like to present to you the advantages of implementing Baseline Protoocol in our operations:

  • Privacy on-chain and off Chain, this is very important to keep information secure and disclose only to appropriate parties.

  • Performance, will improve the efficiency of the operations.

  • Decentralized trust, all the chain of supply will be in a Trust Less ledger, that will certify of the validity of the processes and responsibles.

  • Pay-per-use, need to pay for the operations on the ledger as they are needed.

  • Suits B2C and B2B



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