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I am very confused since in the Dapp marketplace course they are using the smart contract that has NFT token already linked with the marketplace. And in Rarible and Opensea allow users to create the token. The question is that mean they create a new smart contract or just add a new token to the smart contract we create in the beginning?

if the answer is the first one, how we can create a new smart contract from the frontend?

if the answer is the second one what is the symbol and name of the token?

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Hey @Pong88, hope you are well.

Sorry but i dont understand, you create an NFT in the course, the marketplace just use ETH to purchase/sell the nfts, although you can also do your own ERC20 contract which can be used as a token.

Rarible and opensea lets you create nfts, not tokens.

The name and symbol can be anything you like :slight_smile:

Carlos Z

@thecil token and nfts I mean it is the same, I am not talking about ERC20 but how they let use to create nfts on the platform?

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I do not understand quite well the question, you mean that the development process for NFTs or Tokens is the same right? Both use solidity, the difference is the standards ERC.

Carlos Z