Are Airdrops the future of ICOs?

Lately i have been so frustrated when joining icos. I got up at 3AM on to separate occasions to participate.And was not successful. I have now decided not to partake in First Come First Server icos. All the GAS wars and rush to get in the hype is not worth it imo.

Are Airdrops the next evolution of icos? I have already successfully participate in POLY (Polymath) airdrop and gotten $300 from it. Its is free money :smiley:

Currently i am now looking into Havven, and IOST airdrops.
What do you think about airdrops, and airdrops are you guys participating in?

I do think they are the future of ICOs. There is no risk in investing in a project that may suck. Also they project team only makes money of their token IF their project has value to the community. I am receiving airdrops in EOS as well as the ethos wallet airdrops

There is an ampx airdrop. You can sign up below.

get free coins for signing up.