API doesn´t work

Hi, I am testing different APIs.
Also from different computers.
But none of them works for me. Can you help me?
I have watched the videos but I don’t know if I am doing something wrong.

Information is not sufficient to reproduce the error. Your code looks correct, it may happen that you’re executing it on a website that effectively blocks fetches (e.g. google.com) in your developer tools. In that case, visit a neutral site.

Also, I’ve picked up on a pattern that you submit images. This is not something we can debug. Please create codesandbox.io links and send the code link itself for debugging.

Thank you Zsolt. I loved your tutorial. Super complete. Would it help if I pass you the code on github? If you need it in codesandbox, I can copy it there: https://github.com/javierdash/dex-moralis

You were right. I tried on another page other than google and from the console it works perfect.
But it does not work from VSC.
I show you some screenshots so you can see the errors because I don’t know how to move forward

Me neither as I am not in a position to type everything in your screenshots. For this reason, please never use screenshots, post executable code instead. Please implement everything in codesandbox.io and post a link. If it works on codesandbox, it should work on visual studio code.